What is the current corn market?

What is the current corn market?

Key Data

Label Value
Last 818.25
Prior Settlement 816
52 Week High 818.25
52 Week Low 495.75

What is the cash price for corn?

Corn Delayed Futures

Contract Last High
Cash (ZCY00) 816-4s 816-4
May ’22 (ZCK22) 800-6s 822-0
Jul ’22 (ZCN22) 793-0s 813-6
Sep ’22 (ZCU22) 750-0s 765-4

What are the grain markets doing today?

Market Commodity Prices

Commodity Last Open
Live Cattle – Jun22 133.775s 135.175
Corn 803-6s 799-6
Corn May22 803-6s 799-6
Dec22 738-4s 736-2

Who owns Anderson grain?

Michael J. Anderson
The Andersons

Type Public
Key people Michael J. Anderson (Chairman) Patrick E. Bowe (CEO)
Revenue US$ 5.27 billion (FY 2012)
Operating income US$ 111.08 million (FY 2012)
Net income US$ 79.48 million (FY 2012)

What is the highest price corn has ever been?

Historically, Corn reached an all time high of 843.75 in August of 2012.

What are today’s commodity prices?

Commodity Prices

Energy Price Unit
Coal 280.00 per Ton
RBOB Gasoline 3.56 per Gallone
Oil (Brent) 105.93 USD per Barrel
Oil (WTI) 103.48 USD per Barrel

What is the price of corn per bushel today?

Unit conversion for Corn Price Today

Conversion Corn Price Price
1 Bushel ≈ 0,035 m³ Corn Price Per 1 m³ 232.13 USD
1 Bushel ≈ 35,239 Liter Corn Price Per 1 Liter 0.23 USD

Are corn prices going up or down?

Elevated Feed Grain Prices Continue for 2021/22 The projected season-average farm price for corn in 2021/22 is raised to $5.80 per bushel. Sorghum food, seed, and industrial use is also raised, while barley exports are lowered. Projected ending stocks for 2021/22 are lowered for both sorghum and barley.

What is the Andersons company?

Founded in 1947 in Maumee, Ohio, The Andersons, Inc. is a diversified company rooted in agriculture that conducts business in the commodity merchandising, renewables, and plant nutrient sectors.

What is the cost per acre to plant corn?

Total non-land costs are projected at $755 per acre for corn, a $124 increase over the $631 per acres cost in 2021 (see Table 1).

What will corn prices do in 2022?

As of mid-February, the DTN national corn and soybean index is up 53 cents and $2.42 per bushel, respectively, in 2022.

What did corn prices do today?


Name Price Date
Corn 8.19 4/28/22 02:07 AM
Feeder Cattle 1.56 4/27/22 02:04 PM
Milk 24.38 4/27/22 08:21 PM
Orange Juice 1.72 4/27/22 01:51 PM

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