What is the cost of 1 bag cement?

What is the cost of 1 bag cement?

Today Cement Price

Cement Type Approximate Cost
OPC Cement Grade 43 Rs. 240 per bag
OPC Cement Grade 53 Rs. 262 per bag
White Cement Rs. 585 per bag
PPC Pozzolana Portland Cement Rs. 265 per bag

What is the price of 50 kg cement?

50Kg UltraTech Cement, Packaging Size: 50 Kg, Cement Grade: Grade 43, Rs 230/bag | ID: 20885200412.

What is the price of ACC Cement in West Bengal?

The price of ACC Cement in West Bengal is Rs 460 per bag.

Which cement is best UltraTech vs ACC?

Ultra tech cement is the best as from the civil background we conduct test also on cement and we found that the strength of ultratech compare to ACC is more after 7 day or 3day or 28day test compressive. Strength test. Both are the same, opt for the one which is cheaper and easily available near your site.

What is cement price in India?

All Cement Price List Today 2022 | Cement Price Per Bag | Today Cement Price….All Cement Rate List Today 2022.

Cement Brand Grade of Cement Price (Rs.)
Ultratect Cement 53 Grade OPC Rs. 430
Ambuja Cement 53 Grade OPC Rs. 420
ACC Cement 53 Grade OPC Rs. 385
Birla Cement 53 Grade OPC Rs. 440

What is the price of 50 kg cement in India?

UltraTech Portland Cement, 50 Kg, Price from Rs. 235/unit onwards, specification and features.

What is the size of cement bag?

40kg cement bag size:– standard dimension of 40kg cement bag is 600mm × 450mm × 130mm or 24 inches (2feet, 0.6m) in height, 18 inches (1.5feet, 0.45m) wide and 5 inches (0.417feet, 0.130m) thick.

Which type of ACC Cement is best?

43 Grade Cement (OPC 43 Grade) ACC Cement is the most commonly used cement in all constructions including plain and reinforced cement concrete, brick and stone masonry, floors and plastering.

  • 53 Grade Cement. This is an Ordinary Portland Cement which surpasses the requirements of IS: 12269-53 Grade.
  • Is ACC cement good?

    The return on equity given by ACC is much better, at 15.28 percent than UltraTech’s at 9.36 percent. Therefore, ACC is currently available at an attractive price while UltraTech is expensive amongst its lot due to its stellar results.

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