What is the Chiquita banana controversy?

What is the Chiquita banana controversy?

The nation’s top-selling banana company is facing serious charges. Chiquita Brands International is the subject of a class action lawsuit claiming that the banana behemoth supported terrorism in Colombia by offering financial and other assistance to paramilitary groups in that country.

Did Chiquita and Fyffes merge?

Shareholders in banana company Chiquita have voted against a merger deal with Irish rival Fyffes.

Does Chiquita own Fyffes?

Chiquita shareholders will own about 50.7 percent of the combined company and Fyffes shareholders the remaining 49.3 percent, the companies said.

What are Fyffes bananas?

Fyffes is an old fruit brand dating back to 1929, when the blue label was used on bananas for the first time. Fyffes also import melons. The range covers melon types such as Galia, cantaloupe, charentais, watermelon, piel de sapo and yellow honeydew.

Does Chiquita have a monopoly on bananas?

Yet, sadly, the UFC, now known simply as Chiquita, has managed to maintain its monopoly on the banana industries of Central and South America, with the majority of its products being sold inside the U.S.

What country do Chiquita bananas come from?

In Latin America, Chiquita operates banana plantations or buys year-round in Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Nicaragua, Mexico and Peru. It has had various forays into African production, but currently has no interests there.

Where does Chiquita bananas come from?

Who owns Chiquita banana?

Safra GroupChiquita Brands International / Parent organization

Where do Fyffes get their bananas?

Fyffes bananas grow in Central America, in countries such as Costa Rica, Belize, Colombia and the Dominican Republic.

Are all Fyffes bananas organic?

All of our Fyffes organic bananas are certified by the inspection system of the EU Organic Regulation and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Regulation, according to their destination. Each one is naturally tasty, grown sustainably, and benefits from the expertise of the world’s oldest fruit brand.

Where do Chiquita bananas come from?

Are there still Chiquita bananas?

Chiquita is a leading global banana company employing 18,000 people across 25 countries and with a presence in nearly 70 countries. In every market where it is present, the Chiquita brand works continuously to be the best banana brand.

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