What is the best saw blade to cut Hardie?

What is the best saw blade to cut Hardie?

what is the best saw blade for James hardie siding? For a larger project, use a fiber cement saw blade with polycrystalline diamond tips; if you’re installing Hardie siding on a shed or other small building you can use a fiber cement saw blade with carbide tips.

What is the best blade for cutting fiber cement siding?

polycrystalline diamond-tipped
For cutting fiber-cement siding, it’s best to use a 4- to 6-tooth polycrystalline diamond-tipped (PCD) blade made specifically for fiber-cement. Regular carbide blades will cut fiber cement, but they dull relatively quickly, and if you attempt a gang cut, the blades overheat and can warp.

What is the best way to cut Hardie board siding?


  1. When cutting fiber-cement siding with circular saw, use a blade that has only four or six teeth.
  2. To keep dust to a minimum, use a circular saw that’s equipped with either a dust-collection bag or electric fan that blows dust into a bucket.
  3. For a slow, but virtually dustless way to cut siding, use power shears.

What do you cut Hardie trim with?

Good: Circular saw equipped with a HardieBlade saw blade. DO NOT grind or cut with a power saw indoors. Cut using shears (manual, pneumatic or electric) or the score and snap method, not recommended for products thicker than 7/16 in.

Can you cut Hardie board with a regular saw blade?

You can use a jigsaw, table saw or circular saw, or another tool, as long as it’s equipped with the right kind of blade. Once prepared, cut the Hardie board as you would any other material. Mark your line; align the board against the guard as needed and slowly but firmly make the cut.

How do you cut Hardie board with a circular saw?

Fit your circular saw with a carbide-tipped wood-cutting blade (view example on Amazon), choosing one with as few teeth as possible in order to minimize the amount of dust given off as you saw. Operate your circular saw as you typically would, pushing it slowly and evenly through your cement backer board.

Can you cut Hardie trim?

Install the HardiBlade saw blade in the saw. This blade is specifically designed to cut all of the James Hardi cement fiber board products. The product can also be cut with a traditional diamond saw blade as well; however, it is not recommended because it will produce too much dust.

Can I use a framing nailer for Hardie siding?

Yes, you can. You can use a framing nailer for hardie siding, but it takes some work. It is important to use the right nails, however. Framing nailers are a popular choice for many contractors and homeowners when it comes to installing siding.

Do you need a special blade to cut Hardie board?

For some types of Hardie board, you’ll need a power tool with a cement board blade with a carbide tip to cut the board. Carbide-tipped blades are made specifically for this kind of work. Cut the Hardie board outside, because the dust released as the board is being cut can pose a safety hazard.

Can you use screws on Hardie plank?

Blind nailing is the preferred installation method for HardiePlank. The term applies to a nailing/screwing method for joining HardiePlank planks to hide nail or screw fasteners. Use a Number 8, 1-1/4-inch-long by 0.375-inch-wide (HD) ribbed wafer-head (or equivalent) screw on steel studs.

Will a carbide blade cut Hardie board?

What kind of blade do you use to cut cement board?

Use a carbide-tipped wood-cutting blade to minimize dust. Cement is a very hard material, so you’ll need to use a blade that can handle the material. Carbide-tipped wood-cutting blades have fewer teeth than other circular saw blades and the carbide can withstand the strain of the cement.

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