What is the best mind mapping software for free?

What is the best mind mapping software for free?

The 6 Best Free Mind Map Tools (And How to Best Use Them)

  • Coggle.
  • GitMind. GitMind is an easy-to-use online mind map tool.
  • Canva. Canva is a web-based graphic design app that makes it easy to create mind maps.
  • InfoRapid KnowledgeBase Builder.
  • Scapple.
  • EdrawMind.

Which open source software is used for creating concept map or mind map?

Free and open-source

Software License Notes
FreeMind GNU GPL Written in Java
Freeplane GNU GPL v2+ Written in Java
PGF/TikZ GNU GPL or LPPL Set of TeX macros TikZ library: mindmap
Visual Understanding Environment (VUE) Educational Community Written in Java Can also be used to build presentations

Is FreeMind still maintained?

FreeMind is a free mind mapping application written in Java, which is further developed by the fork Freeplane until today (2021). FreeMind itself was last updated in 2014….FreeMind.

Operating system Cross-platform
Platform Java
Type Project management
License GNU GPL
Website Freemind at sourceforge.net

Which software is used for mind maps?

The Best Mind Mapping Software Summary

Tool Free Option
1 ClickUp Best free plan for mind mapping software Freemium version
2 MindMeister Best mind mapping software for teams Freemium version
3 Microsoft Visio Best mind mapping software for Microsoft users Free trial
4 MindGenius Best simple mind mapping software 14 day free trial

What is XMind used for?

XMind is a mind mapping and brainstorming software, developed by XMind Ltd. In addition to the management elements, the software can be used to capture ideas, clarify thinking, manage complex information, and promote team collaboration.

How does XMind work?

works supports Share Link which allows mind maps go further. The file can be download from the link, or save to the dropbox and open in XMind. works. Both individuals and teams at any size and kind can read, edit and save mind maps online, and get work done easily no matter where they are working from.

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