What is the Apply Texas application?

What is the Apply Texas application?

ApplyTexas was created through a collaborative effort between the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the colleges and universities represented on the site. Apply for admission to any Texas public university, as well as to participating community and private colleges.

Does Rice use Apply Texas?

Rice University is the only college or university in the state of Texas that isn’t on Apply Texas. Rice accepts the Common or Coalition Application. Rice is also one of the only Texas universities that offers a binding Early-Decision November 1 deadline option and the request for interviews.

How hard is it to get into Rice?

How hard is it to get into Rice and can I get accepted? The school has a 11% acceptance rate ranking it #1 in Texas for lowest rate of acceptance. Last year, 2,328 out of 20,923 applicants were admitted making Rice a very highly competitive school to get into with a low chance of acceptance for typical applicants.

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