What is the Aerie real campaign?

What is the Aerie real campaign?

The goal of the campaign is to push real voices and stories to the forefront and celebrate a community that promotes power and positivity. Actress Antonia Gentry stars alongside singer Kelsea Ballerini, TikTok creators the NaeNaeTwins and wheelchair dance team the Rollettes.

Who started Aerie real campaign?

In 2014, the innerwear, swimwear and loungewear brand launched the first Aerie Real campaign with role model Iskra Lawrence proudly posing in Aerie products.

Why did Aerie start Aerie real campaign?

Six years ago, American Eagle’s loungewear and lingerie line, Aerie launched its #AerieREAL campaign, a bold commitment to stop photo-editing pictures of its models. The mission of #AerieREAL is to promote body positivity and diversity and to encourage their competitors to do the same.

What makes Aerie unique?

In a step away from models brands typically use, Aerie showcased a model wearing intimate apparel in a wheelchair as well as a model with crutches. “As a brand, Aerie has been a leader in empowering women and celebrating inclusivity and body positivity since our launch of #AerieREAL in 2014.

What is Aerie’s message?

Aerie states that part of its mission is to empower all women to love their real selves.

Who is Aerie target audience?

of 15 and 25
I’ve mentioned earlier that Aerie’s target market is between the ages of 15 and 25. These ages fall into two ​age cohorts​: ​Generation Y​and ​Generation Z​. Aerie uses social media to market to these ​subcultures​. For example, Aerie recently made a TikTok account, which is a new app that is popular with Generation Z.

How do I become a model for Aerie?

Visit the website thehub.youthmarketing.com and create an account. Click “Opportunities,” where you’ll want to apply for the “AERIE REAL AMBASSADOR PROGRAM” for the upcoming year (you can only apply once per opportunity, so make it count!). And the rest is written in the stars! We can’t wait to hear from you.

When did Aerie real campaign start?

Aerie’s growth story includes the successful AerieReal campaign, which was launched in 2014.

Was the Aerie real campaign successful?

After launching #AerieReal, sales grew 20 percent in fiscal year 2015 . Customers were moved by the campaign, and wanted to shop a brand where they felt the marketing and the clothes represented them.

What is Aerie’s mission?

Do you get paid to be an Aerie ambassador?

Aerie gives me a stipend, $100 in store credit each month, and 30% off all products to sponsor their clothing!

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