What is super agent in McAfee?

What is super agent in McAfee?

The SuperAgent is an agent with the ability to contact all agents in the same subnet as the SuperAgent, using the SuperAgent wakeup call. Its use is triggered by Global Updating being enabled on the ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) server, and it provides a bandwidth efficient method of sending agent wakeup calls.

What is McAfee master repository?

The master repository maintains the latest versions of security software and updates for your environment. This repository is the sole source for your environment.

How do you make a SuperAgent in McAfee ePO?

Create SuperAgent policy

  1. Select Menu → Policy → Policy Catalog to open the Policy Catalog page.
  2. To duplicate the My Default policy from the Product drop-down list, select McAfee Agent, and from the Category drop-down list, select General.
  3. In the My Default policy row, in the Actions column, click Duplicate.

What is a super agent distributed repository?

A SuperAgent is a distributed repository which is designed to reduce the load on McAfee ePO. McAfee ePO manages how the SuperAgent is replicated. The SuperAgent caches information received from McAfee ePO, the Master Repository, an HTTP, or an FTP repository, and distributes it to the agents in its broadcast domain.

What does ePO stand for McAfee?

McAfee e-Policy Orchestrator
With McAfee e-Policy Orchestrator (ePO) software, IT administrators can unify security management across endpoints, networks, data, and compliance solutions from McAfee and third-party solutions.

How do you update McAfee ePO extensions?

In the ePO console, select Menu, Configuration, Server Settings. Select Policy and Task Retention, and click Edit. Select When a management extension for a product is removed: Keep policy and client task data.

Is McAfee ePO cloud based?

McAfee ePO Cloud provides a centralized, cloud-based platform for remotely managing the security of your endpoints. You can use McAfee ePO Cloud to ensure that the software on your network is always up to date and your systems are protected.

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