What is spout OBS?

What is spout OBS?

A free, open-source plugin that lets you send and receive video feeds to and from OBS Studio with zero latency, compression and computational overhead using Spout. Zero-latency Video Streaming. Spout allows programs to share the same…

What is Spout to NDI?

Spout to NDI is a set of programs that allow Spout senders and receivers to share video, not only with each other but also by way of a network using the Newtek NDI (“Network Device Interface”) protocol version 5.

What is spout video?

Spout is a video (texture) sharing framework for Windows. It allows the sharing of video between applications in much the same way as Syphon does on the Apple platform.

How do you spout on OBS?

You can use the Spout plugin for OBS Studio to receive Spout video inputs from any Spout enabled program: At the bottom of the Sources window click the + icon which will show you a list of all possible input sources. From this list, select Spout 2 Capture. This will open a window called Create/Select Source.

How do I connect resolume to OBS?

Resolume into OBS In OBS add a new Source and select the NDI™ Source. Under Source name, select Resolume. Now your Resolume output is being received by OBS. OBS can now stream it to the whole wide world.

What is spout streaming?

Spout is a realtime video sharing framework for windows. Basically what Syphon is for OSX. It allows different applications that handle video (or textures) to share them. That includes TouchDesigner, Resolume, AfterEffects,… to name only a few.

How does spout work?

It’s called Spout. For Resolume users, the system works by installing two FFGL plugins and a utility app. You can then play the output of any Spout enabled application like a camera in Resolume. This means you can use all the effects in Resolume on your generative visuals made in Processing or VVVV.

How do I install spout plugins?

How to install the Spout plugin for OBS Studio

  1. Please ensure that all versions of OBS Studio on your machine are closed.
  2. Go to the plugin Releases Page:
  3. Download the Windows Installer for your version of OBS Studio.
  4. Double-click the downloaded Installer and select Run Anyway:
  5. Run the Installer widget:

Can you use resolume for free?

But the best news is that it’s now completely free! It’s great for beginners who are just getting started but it’s not just a course that teaches you what each button in Resolume does. It also educates on basic compositing and use of color in a VJ set.

What is a faucet body?

The body is where the hot and cold water are mixed before passing through the spout. In a single-hole design, hot and cold water are combined in a one-piece casting that also houses the valves. This type of body is available in one- or two-handle designs.

What is spoutcraftplugin?

What is SpoutcraftPlugin? Notice: This is not intended to be used on any CraftBukkit server beyond 1.6.4 R2.0. It is NOT compatible with version 1.7.x or 1.8.x. SpoutcraftPlugin, formerly SpoutPlugin, is a framework to bridge the ever-widening chasm between single player mods, and multiplayer Bukkit plugins.

What is spout and how to use it?

This opens in a new window. Using Spout you can send video between applications like Resolume, Max, Processing, MadMapper, TouchDesigner and more. Create graphics in Processing, mix them in Resolume and projection map them with Mad Mapper. Throw in some interactive content from TouchDesigner, Max or Unity while you are at it.

How to output spout video textures from OBS?

Previously, there was no way of outputting Spout video textures from OBS. This plugin implements the SPOUT2 SDK, creates an OBS Source from the SPOUT shared texture and a Spout output which sends the content of the OBS canvas to Spout.

What is the OBS-OpenVR-input-plugin?

This plugin implements the SPOUT2 SDK, creates an OBS Source from the SPOUT shared texture and a Spout output which sends the content of the OBS canvas to Spout. Thanks to the developer of OBS-OpenVR-Input-Plugin whose source helped greatly in getting my head around the OBS API.

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