What is special about Goulburn?

What is special about Goulburn?

Declared Australia’s first inland city in 1863, Goulburn is a proud historic town thriving with museums, festivals, restaurants and galleries. There is also plenty of surrounding outdoor adventure, from canyoning and rock climbing to abseiling and caving.

What is it like living in Goulburn?

With affordable housing, picturesque landscapes and two major cities close by (but not too close), as well as quality schooling, infrastructure and healthcare – Goulburn is the perfect place for your tree change. Live in a City that is rich in heritage and natural beauty, with the conveniences of modern city indulges.

What is the size of Goulburn?

Goulburn [15] is a small regional city 200 km (120 miles) south-west of Sydney, Australia. With a population of 24,000, Goulburn is one of the largest cities in the region and a rural hub for surrounding agriculture.

What is the population of Goulburn?

As the regional centre, the City of Goulburn services approximately 38,000 people who live within a 40 kilometre radius of the City. According to the ABS Estimated Resident Population data issued June 2019, Goulburn Mulwaree’s population is 31,132 – an increase of 1% (309 residents) in the previous 12 months.

Is Goulburn a big town?

It was proclaimed as Australia’s first inland city through letters patent by Queen Victoria in 1863. Goulburn had a population of 23,835 at June 2018.

Why is Goulburn called Goulburn?

* In 1818 Hamilton Hume and James Meehan crossed the plains and named them after Henry Goulburn, who, at the time, was the British Under-Secretary of State for War and the Colonies. * In 1819 Governor Lachlan Macquarie ordered the construction of a Great South Road from Picton to the Goulburn Plains.

How safe is Goulburn?

The crime statistics are either stable or reduced, and this makes Goulburn a relatively safe place to live, work and visit.”

Is Goulburn a good place to buy?

Value for investors Compared with $1.1 million in the Sydney metropolitan area, Goulburn presents attractive affordability. The median house price is just $428,000. Rental yields are solid, averaging 5.3% over the last 10 years, and the low vacancy rate is at 0.9% as of June 2020.

What Aboriginal country is Goulburn?

The Gundungurra people, also spelt Gundungara, Gandangarra, Gandangara and other variations, are an Aboriginal Australian people in south-eastern New South Wales, Australia. Their traditional lands include present day Goulburn, Wollondilly Shire, The Blue Mountains and the Southern Highlands.

Is Goulburn a rural area?

Land use. The Goulburn Mulwaree Council area is predominantly rural, with a city in Goulburn and small villages at Bungonia, Lake Bathurst, Marulan, Tallong and Tarago.

Is Goulburn safe?

What is the main industry in Goulburn?

An analysis of the jobs held by the resident population in Goulburn Mulwaree Council area in 2016 shows the three most popular industry sectors were: Health Care and Social Assistance (1,908 people or 15.0%) Public Administration and Safety (1,383 people or 10.9%) Retail Trade (1,364 people or 10.7%)

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