What is simple harmonic motion PPT?

What is simple harmonic motion PPT?

An object in simple harmonic motion has the same motion as of an object in uniform circular motion: Relation between uniform circular motion and SHM.

What is harmonic motion?

Harmonic motion refers to the motion an oscillating mass experiences when the restoring force is proportional to the ​displacement, but in opposite directions. Harmonic motion is periodic and can be represented by a sine wave with constant frequency and amplitude. An example of this is a weight bouncing on a spring.

What is harmonic motion examples?

Swings that we see in the park is an example of simple harmonic motion. The back and forth, repetitive movements of the swing against the restoring force is the simple harmonic motion.

What are the two types of harmonic motion?

SHM or Simple Harmonic Motion can be classified into two types:

  • Linear SHM.
  • Angular SHM.

Who discovered SHM?

mathematician Joseph Fourier
In fact, any regularly repetitive motion and any wave, no matter how complicated its form, can be treated as the sum of a series of simple harmonic motions or waves, a discovery first published in 1822 by the French mathematician Joseph Fourier.

What are the conditions for simple harmonic motion?

What conditions must be met to produce SHM? The restoring force must be proportional to the displacement and act opposite to the direction of motion with no drag forces or friction. The frequency of oscillation does not depend on the amplitude.

What is SHM physics?

Simple harmonic motion is a very important type of periodic oscillation where the acceleration (α) is proportional to the displacement (x) from equilibrium, in the direction of the equilibrium position.

Why is it called harmonic motion?

The motion is called harmonic because musical instruments make such vibrations that in turn cause corresponding sound waves in air.

What is frequency of SHM?

The frequency of SHM is 100 Hz.

What is SHM and its characteristics?

SHM can be defined as”” the motion of particle which moves back and forth along a straight line such that its acceleration is directly proportional to its displacement from the fixed point and is always directed towards that”” CHARACTERISTICS OF SHM ; for simple harmonic motion. 1) the motion of the body is periodic .

Why is SHM important?

Simple harmonic motion or SHM is used in research to model oscillations for wind turbines and vibrations in car suspensions.

What is amplitude in SHM?

The amplitude of a SHM can be defined as the maximum displacement of a particle from its mean position.

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