What is shop Stock army?

What is shop Stock army?

Shop stocks, on the other hand, are demand-supported repair parts and consumables stocked within a maintenance activity with a maintenance mission authorized by a modified table of organization and equipment, table of distribution and allowances, or joint table of allowances.

What regulation covers sensitive items inventory?

What army regulation covers sensitive items inventory? Sensitive items and other inventories Conduct inventories according to DA Pam 710-2-1, para 9-9. Although commanders may designate a person to conduct the sensitive items inventories, it is strongly encouraged that commanders be present during the inventories.

What is a prescribed load list?

Prescribed Load List. The PLL is a list of the authorized quantities of supplies required by a unit to do its daily unit maintenance. Units that are authorized personnel, tools, and equipment to perform maintenance maintain a prescribed load of repair parts.

What does bench Stock mean?

Bench Stock means those expendable or consumable items routinely replaced during the inspection, repair or maintenance of Engine, whether or not such items have been damaged, and other items that are customarily replaced at each inspection or maintenance period.

What is a sensitive item in the Army?

AR 710-2 and AR 735-5 both cover the Army policy for property accountability. Some sensitive items are your weapon, military ID card, communication equipment, etcetera. Sensitive items are anything that can be used by opposing forces or the enemy to counter attack, weaken forces, and gain information, and so on.

What is a controlled inventory item code?

Definition: The code that represents the security classification and/or security risk or pilferage controls for storage and transportation of a materiel-item-supply.

What is Army SLoc?

Sea lines of communication (abbreviated as SLOC) is a term describing the primary maritime routes between ports, used for trade, logistics and naval forces. It is generally used in reference to naval operations to ensure that SLOCs are open, or in times of war, to close them.

What is a DD 314?

What Is DD Form 314? DD Form 314, Preventive Maintenance Schedule and Record, is a form used to schedule regular preventive item maintenance and to document the maintenance actions performed. All maintenance recorded on the form must be performed on a time or mileage basis.

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