What is Salesforce1 mobile app?

What is Salesforce1 mobile app?

Salesforce1 is a mobile application or interface which connects all your apps, connect all your devices and connect all your customer data.

How do you make a mobile app demo?

How to Make a Product Demo Video (Free Template)

  1. What is a demo video?
  2. Step 1: Plan your demo video.
  3. Describe the product.
  4. Provide a solution.
  5. Show how the product works.
  6. Provide the audience with a clear call-to-action (CTA)
  7. Step 2: Start with a template.
  8. Step 3: Record your product or service in action.

What is a app demo?

An app demo is a visual guide to introduce users to the user interface and key features. App demos are usually done automatically during the onboarding process, but when the app comes with a substantial price tag, an employee usually demos the app personally.

What is the difference between Salesforce and Salesforce1?

Salesforce1 is the special version for the mobile devices so that all the users can do any operations from mobile itself. Force.com is the platform on the salesforce.com which enables you to build applications which are completely new and from scratch using apex and visualforce.

Can we develop mobile app using Salesforce?

The Salesforce Platform extends the potential for mobile app development across the enterprise, giving you the ability to build and customise your own apps using intuitive drag and drop tools, wizards and forms.

How do you make a demo app on Android?

Build and run the demo app

  1. Extract the .
  2. Open Android Studio.
  3. Click File > Open and select gamesdk/samples/tuningfork/insightsdemo/build.
  4. Wait for Android Studio to sync the project.
  5. Connect a device (or create a virtual device) to run the sample.
  6. Select the target device and click Run.

What does it mean to demo something?

to give a demonstration of
1 : to give a demonstration of (something, such as a product or procedure) : to show how (something) works, is prepared, or is done The chef demoed everything. His first demo was peeling a carrot.—

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