What is RUSBoost?

What is RUSBoost?

RUSBoost is an algorithm to handle class imbalance problem in data with discrete class labels. It uses a combination of RUS (random under-sampling) and the standard boosting procedure AdaBoost, to better model the minority class by removing majority class samples.

How do you handle an imbalanced data set?

Approach to deal with the imbalanced dataset problem

  1. Choose Proper Evaluation Metric. The accuracy of a classifier is the total number of correct predictions by the classifier divided by the total number of predictions.
  2. Resampling (Oversampling and Undersampling)
  3. SMOTE.
  4. BalancedBaggingClassifier.
  5. Threshold moving.

What is bagged decision tree?

Bagging (Bootstrap Aggregation) is used when our goal is to reduce the variance of a decision tree. Here idea is to create several subsets of data from training sample chosen randomly with replacement. Now, each collection of subset data is used to train their decision trees.

How do you address a class imbalance?

Overcoming Class Imbalance using SMOTE Techniques

  1. Random Under-Sampling.
  2. Random Over-Sampling.
  3. Random under-sampling with imblearn.
  4. Random over-sampling with imblearn.
  5. Under-sampling: Tomek links.
  6. Synthetic Minority Oversampling Technique (SMOTE)
  7. NearMiss.
  8. Change the performance metric.

What is the difference between imbalanced and unbalanced?

In common usage, imbalance is the noun meaning the state of being not balanced, while unbalance is the verb meaning to cause the loss of balance. In the context stated, the noun form should be used.

What is the difference between smote and Adasyn?

Its a improved version of Smote. What it does is same as SMOTE just with a minor improvement. After creating those sample it adds a random small values to the points thus making it more realistic.

How does Adasyn algorithm work?

ADASYN is based on the idea of adaptively generating minority data samples according to their distributions: more synthetic data is generated for minority class samples that are harder to learn compared to those minority samples that are easier to learn.

What is CatBoost used for?

CatBoost is an algorithm for gradient boosting on decision trees. It is developed by Yandex researchers and engineers, and is used for search, recommendation systems, personal assistant, self-driving cars, weather prediction and many other tasks at Yandex and in other companies, including CERN, Cloudflare, Careem taxi.

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