What is Prowise?

What is Prowise?

Prowise MOVE camera allows students to operate the touchscreen without touching it. Complete conferencing solution with webcam, four wide area microphones and the 2.1 Dolby Audio soundbar. Combine with an iPro lift system for height and location flexibility.

Is Prowise free?

Prowise Presenter is now entirely free to use for everybody. Free accounts for all users. There is no catch and no additional purchases are necessary to enjoy of all the unique bene ts of Presenter 10.

Where is Prowise made?

Factory-independent At Prowise, we do things differently than other brands. We do not buy pre-made products from China. We develop our products fully under Prowise management and own the technology. This way, we can guarantee short-term and long-term continuity and ensure that we can always supply the best products.

How do I download Prowise 10?

For Windows, Android and iOS tablets you can download the app (not available for smartphones).

  1. Open Chrome browser.
  2. Go to presenter10.prowise.com/downloads.
  3. Follow the installation wizard.

How do I freeze Prowise screen?

If you press the on/off button for three seconds, a menu appears that can mute, freeze or fully darken your screen. As soon as you tap the touchscreen again, you can use it as you normally do.

Can you freeze screen on Clevertouch?

Clevertouch – You can Freeze the image on the screen by pressing the Blue button on your Clevertouch remote. SMART – You can Freeze the image on the screen by pressing the ‘Freeze’ button on your remote, If this doesn’t work then you will need to update your screen to the latest firmware.

How do I clean my Prowise screen?

Clean the screen with a dry, lint-free, microfibre cloth. Ensure this cloth is free of impurities. If you wish to use a cleanser, always use a cleanser recommended by Prowise. Do not use any aggressive cleansers as these can cause damage to the screen.

How do you freeze Prowise board?

How do you lock a Clevertouch?

The Clevertouch screen can be locked from the remote. To Lock/Unlock the screen please press the Red button on your Clevertouch Remote.

How do I connect Prowise to my laptop?

Carry out the following steps to connect the device to the Prowise touchscreen:

  1. Open the Reflect app on the device (laptop, PC, tablet).
  2. Select the Prowise touchscreen of your choice.
  3. If applicable, enter the security code.
  4. The notification ‘Share your screen’ will now appear on your device.

How do I reset Prowise board?

Doing an Android reset

  1. Before clearing android cache, ensure PC module (if present) is removed from screen.
  2. Ensure screen is switched off.
  3. Press and hold power button on screen when LED is red and wait 20 seconds.
  4. This takes you to android recovery menu.

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