What is poires Au Vin Rouge?

What is poires Au Vin Rouge?

Poires Au Vin Rouge (Pears in Red Wine)

What is Poires au vin?

Poires au vin is a traditional, world-known French dessert originating from the Beaujolais wine-growing region. It consists of pears, fruity red wine (usually Beaujolais), and flavorings such as honey or sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, orange zest, peppercorns, and cloves.

How to poach pears in wine?

Slice 1/2-inch off the bottom of the pears to create a flat bottom. Gently place pears in poaching liquid, cover, and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes, turning every 5 minutes to ensure even color, until pears are cooked but still firm. Remove saucepan from flame, uncover and cool with pears upright in pan.

Where did poached pears come from?

Poached pears in wine (or Poire à la Beaujolais) is a classic French dessert that originated in the wine-growing territories of Burgundy and Lyon. The French used it as a way to consume fruits that were not ripening to their liking on the tree; this way the fruit would not go to waste.

What are the best pears to poach?

If you are poaching pears, you’ll want to use a Bartlett pear. Luckily, Bartlett pears are likely to be the type that your local grocery store carries. They’re very juicy and sweet and perfect for poaching. Bosc pears would also work well for poaching.

What goes well with poached pear?

Serve red wine poached pears with some mascarpone cheese, or whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream for an impressive dessert.

Do you peel pears before poaching?

There are five key steps to poaching pears: Carefully peel pears, leaving stems intact, and place pears in lemon-infused water to hold.

Is it okay to eat overripe pears?

Overripe pears are generally safe to eat, but they won’t taste as good raw, and they’ll also be super messy to eat with your hands. They can, however, be cooked and added to desserts or other sweet treats. While overripe pears are good to eat, rotten or mouldy pears are not.

What to do with lots of pears?

8 Easy Ways to Use Your Pear Harvest

  1. Canned Pears. Canning is certainly one of the most obvious and time-honored ways of preserving pears, although it is time-consuming.
  2. Pear Juice.
  3. Frozen Pears.
  4. Pear Pie.
  5. Pear Butter.
  6. Pickled Pears.
  7. Refrigerate Pears.
  8. Pear Salads.

Do you have to peel pears to poach them?

Once the poaching liquid is ready, all you have to do is peel and core a few pears, immerse them in the poaching syrup, and let them simmer for about 20 minutes or until they are fork tender, but not falling apart. Pear halves will take about 20 minutes to poach, whereas whole pears will take 30 to 45 minutes.

What spice compliments pears?

Herbs & Spices: allspice, anise, black pepper, chives, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, mint, nutmeg, rosemary, tarragon, and thyme. Other: almonds, caramel, chocolate, hazelnuts, honey, maple syrup, oils, pecans, pistachios, walnuts, brandy, wine (both red and white) and vanilla.

Comment faire du vin rouge avec des aromates?

Posez une grande casserole sur le feu et faites revenir avec un peu de beurre quelques os ou parures de volaille concassés grossièrement.Ajoutez toute la garniture d’aromates et farinez légèrement. Mouillez avec le vin rouge, faites bouillir et flambez. Ajoutez un peu de fond de veau ou de jus de viande si vous en avez pour renforcer le goût.

Comment faire cuire du vin rouge?

Mouillez avec le vin rouge, faites bouillir et flambez. Ajoutez un peu de fond de veau ou de jus de viande si vous en avez pour renforcer le goût. Assaisonnez et laissez cuire doucement pendant une bonne heure.

Comment réduire la sauce de l’oignon?

Éplucher l’oignon le couper en deux et le trancher en fines lamelles. Mettre dans une casserole 20 gr de beurre et faire revenir l’oignon, ajouter le vin, le bouillon cube, le sel et le poivre. Faire réduire la sauce environ 30 minutes.

Comment faire du vin rouge avec des échalotes?

Epluchez et émincez les échalotes. Dans une casserole, faites suer les échalotes, les lardons dans 25 g de beurre. Ajoutez la farine et remuez bien. Ajoutez ensuite le vin rouge et laissez réduire pendant environ 20 min (plus la sauce réduit plus elle épaissit).

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