What is Pilotis in architecture?

What is Pilotis in architecture?

Pilotis are supports that lift a building above the ground or a body of water. They are similar in nature to to stilts, piers, columns, pillars, posts and so on. In timber form, they were traditionally used in the vernacular architecture of Asia and Scandinavia, or wherever indigenous peoples lived at a water’s edge.

What are Pilotis as per five points architecture?

The five points are: Pilotis – the replacement of load-bearing walls with a grid of reinforced concrete columns that bears the structural load is the basis of the new aesthetic. The free design of the ground plan – the absence of supporting walls means the house is unrestrained in its internal division.

What is the purpose of Villa Savoye?

Villa Savoye, located in Poissy, in France, was designed as a country retreat for the Savoye family from 1929 to 1931. Corbusier had been working on villa designs during 1920s in a bid to create a modernist home that was functional and beautiful like a machine (like an automobile).

How was Villa Savoye constructed?

Villa Savoye is constructed from reinforced concrete and masonry units. White plaster unifies the house and hides the fact that individual pre-fabricated parts were used to construct the villa.

Who invented pilotis?

Of the Five Points, pilotis were the greatest of Le Corbusier’s architectural inventions.

What is a pilotis in English?

pilotis in British English (pɪˈlɒtiː ) plural noun. a set of posts raising a building up from the ground.

How do you pronounce pilotis?


  1. IPA: /pi.lɔ.ti/
  2. Audio. 0:02. (file)

What style of architecture is Villa Savoye?

Modern architecture
International Style
Villa Savoye/Architectural styles

Why is Villa Savoye white?

The design choices Le Corbusier made for the Villa Savoye represent his interest in Purism. He made the house seem almost cold and uninviting by painting it white and by excluding decoration, making it look more like a machine.

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