What is OV in Netherlands?

What is OV in Netherlands?

The OV-chipkaart (short for openbaar vervoer chipkaart, meaning public transport chipcard) is a contactless smart card system used for all public transport in the Netherlands.

Does OV-chipkaart work all Netherlands?

You can use your OV-chipkaart to travel on all public transport in the Netherlands.

How do I get an OV card in Amsterdam?

You can buy single-use chipcards or an anonymous OV-chipkaart at public transport service desks, from ticket vending machines in stations, at tobacco shops (such as Primera), and in several supermarkets.

Where can I top up my OV card?

Automatic balance top-up If you always want enough balance on your OV-chipkaart, you can request ‘Automatic top-up’ via www.ov-chipkaart.nl. After that, you only need to activate ‘Automatic top-up’ at a ticket machine at an NS station or the charging point at shops such as AH-to-Go and Kiosk.

Can you top up OV-chipkaart online?

You can load your OV-chipkaart in various ways. Order credit online. Or load your card by purchasing credit at a loading device in the station. If you want to be sure you always have sufficient credit, choose to travel using automatic reloading.

Can I use OV-chipkaart in Germany?

Yes, surprisingly, you absolutely can. At least until Emmerich. If you are a beneficiary of the Studentenreisproduct, you can now enter the SB58, quickly swipe in with your OV-chipkaart at one of the stops on campus, swipe out in Kleve and visit the local Christmas market there.

Is transportation free for students in Netherlands?

If you are studying at a secondary vocational or tertiary education institution in the Netherlands you can apply for free and discounted student travel on public transport. You can apply for student travel at the central government’s executive organisation for education, Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs – DUO website.

Can I top up my OV-chipkaart with cash?

➢ You can pay using cash (coins) and debit cards (Dutch PIN/Maestro/V-Pay) and credit cards (MasterCard/Visa). Topping up the debit on the “OV-Chipkaart” outside train stations. You can also top up the debit on the “OV-Chipkaart” in busses and in multiple stores (for example supermarkets).

Can I top up my OV Chipkaart with cash?

How much is a travel card in Amsterdam?

Three versions of the Amsterdam Travel Ticket are available: 1, 2 or 3-day. The price for the 1-day ticket is 17 euros, the 2-day ticket costs 22,50 euros and the 3-day ticket is 28 euros.

Are trains expensive in Netherlands?

The Netherlands has the most expensive transport services in Europe, according to European statistics agency Eurostat in a new analysis of the price of plane, train, tram and bus tickets, plus taxi charges.

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