What is NetApp operations manager?

What is NetApp operations manager?

Operations Manager is a Web-based UI of the DataFabric Manager server. You can use Operations Manager for the following day-to-day activities on storage systems: Discover storage systems. Monitor the device or the object health, the capacity utilization, and the performance characteristics of a storage system.

How do I check my NetApp license?

Log in to the NetApp controller using the ONTAP command line. Enter the license show command, and then view the output to determine whether the SnapManagerSuite license is installed.

How do I add a license to NetApp?

  1. Verify the cluster is ready for expansion. Verify the planned configuration. Gather the required network information.
  2. Prepare the cluster for expansion. Add node-locked licenses. Verify the health of the system.
  3. Install the new nodes. Install the controllers.
  4. Complete the expansion. Configure the node details in System Manager.

What is NetApp licenses?

A license is a record of one or more software entitlements. Installing license keys, also known as license codes , enables you to use certain features or services on your storage system. Data ONTAP feature licenses are issued as packages , each of which contains multiple features or a single feature.

How do I check my Cisco ASA license?

  1. Enter your CCO userid and password.
  2. Click the “Continue to Product License Activation” link.
  3. Click Get Other Licenses > IPS, Crypto, Other…
  4. Select Security Products > Cisco ASA 3DES/AES License, click Next.
  5. In the 3.
  6. An email will be sent you with the ASA Activation key and instructions on how to apply the key.

Which are valid types of ontap licenses?

License types

  • Node-locked license or standard license. A node-locked license is issued for a node with a specific system serial number (also known as a controller serial number ).
  • Master or site license.
  • Demo or temporary license.
  • Capacity license (ONTAP Select and FabricPool only)

What is ontap licensing?

An ‘on-tap’ facility would mean the RBI will accept applications and grant license for banks throughout the year. The policy allows aspirants to apply for universal bank license at any time, subject to the fulfillment of the set conditions.

How do I find my Cisco ASA license key?

How to get License Key from ASDM for ASA 5506,-x 5508-x and 5516-x (on-box management)

  1. Open the ASDM.
  2. Go to the Configuration option along the top of the window.
  3. Go to ASA FirePOWER Configuration from the tabs on the bottom left pane.
  4. Select License from the middle left pane.

What is netapp licenses?

What are three types of licenses available for ontap choose three?

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