What is Mia Stammers real name?

What is Mia Stammers real name?

Maria Stammer was born on August 1st 1994, in Okinawa, Japan, but later moved to LA California, USA. Not much is know about her parents or family. As a child, Mia always wanted to become a nurse, but decided to focus on making ‘YouTube’ her full time career.

How old is mama Mia makeup?

Stammer is 26 years old as of 2020. She was born on 1st August 1994, in Okinawa, Japan.

When was MIA stammer born?

Mia Stammer was born on 1 August 1994.

How old is Laurdiy?

28 years (August 11, 1993)Lauren Riihimaki / Age

When was Laurdiy born?

August 11, 1993 (age 28 years)Lauren Riihimaki / Date of birth

How old is Remi?

27 years (February 7, 1995)Remi Cruz / Age

How did LaurDIY and Jeremy meet?

Jeremy and Laurdiy met for the first time when she was filming the “Roast Yourself Rap” that was popular in 2015. He worked with her to create her video. She recounts in her podcast (Wild Til 9) that she and her assistant initially thought he was gay.

How old is Emowhofromwhoville?

Lauren Emowhofromwhoville Wiki/Biography Born on 18 February 2003, Lauren Emowhofromwhoville’s age is 19 years as of 2022.

Who is older Alisha or Ashley?

Alisha is the younger of the two sisters in her family. Though her older sister Ashley is not as popular, she was tagged in one of Alisha’s videos in 2014.

What state does Alisha Marie live in?

Alisha Marie and her sister Ashley, with whom she shares her five-bedroom, five-bathroom house in Los Angeles, wanted help blending their opposing styles in their new home office.

How many boyfriends did LaurDIY?

LaurDIY was in a relationship with Alex Burriss aka Wassabi from 2015 to 2018. Before she began dating Jeremy, Lauren opened up her vlogging career by showcasing her relationship with fellow YouTube star Alex Burriss aka Alex Wassabi. His Wassabi YouTube page has more than 11.5 million subscribers.

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