What is lsass dumping?

What is lsass dumping?

Oftentimes, once local administrative access is achieved on a single host, dumping LSASS allows for a chain of lateral movement, where one set of credentials is compromised that then has local admin access to another host, where additional credentials are stored in memory that has local admin elsewhere.

What is credential dumping?

T1003: Credential Dumping. Credential dumping is the process of obtaining account login and password information, normally in the form of a hash or a clear text password, from the operating system and software. Credentials can then be used to perform Lateral Movement and access restricted information.

What is lsass EXE used for?

Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (Lsass.exe) is the process on an Active Directory domain controller. It’s responsible for providing Active Directory database lookups, authentication, and replication.

What tool could be used to exploit MS lsass?

Attackers can pull credentials from LSASS using a variety of techniques: Dump the LSASS process from memory to disk using Sysinternals ProcDump. Since ProcDump is a signed Microsoft utility, AV usually doesn’t trigger on it. ProcDump creates a minidump of the target process from which Mimikatz can extract credentials.

What is Sam dump?

Other sub-techniques of OS Credential Dumping (8) The SAM is a database file that contains local accounts for the host, typically those found with the net user command. Enumerating the SAM database requires SYSTEM level access.

What is password dumper?

Password dumper attacks – when cybercriminals gain fraudulent access to systems to copy and steal saved passwords – are the most common form of malware seen, according to the report.

Is Mimikatz a keylogger?

Similar to the keylogger approach, an attacker with access to their victim’s machine might utilize malicious software or tools that harvest credentials in ways other than input-capture. One example of this type of tool is Mimikatz.

What does lsass stand for?

Local Security Authority Subsystem Service
lsass.exe stands for Local Security Authority Subsystem Service.

What are LSA secrets?

LSA secrets is a storage used by the Local Security Authority (LSA) in Windows. The purpose of the Local Security Authority is to manage a system’s local security policy, so by definition it means it will store private data regarding user logins, authentication of users and their LSA secrets, among other things.

What is a SAM hash?

SAM uses cryptographic measures to prevent unauthenticated users accessing the system. The user passwords are stored in a hashed format in a registry hive either as an LM hash or as an NTLM hash.

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