What is Jenna Lyons up to now?

What is Jenna Lyons up to now?

Jenna is now co-founder and CEO of direct-to-consumer beauty brand LoveSeen as well as title role and executive producer of STYLISH with Jenna Lyons. Jenna currently resides in New York City with her son, Beckett. Kyle in three words: Angel.

What nationality is Jenna Lyons?

AmericanJenna Lyons / Nationality

Who are the contestants on stylish with Jenna Lyons?

Cast & Crew

  • Jenna Lyons. Self.
  • Kyle DeFord. Self.
  • Sarah Clary. Self.
  • David Tibballs.
  • Jenna Lyons.
  • Matt Hanna.
  • Michael Bloom.
  • Paul Storck.

Where can I watch stylish with Jenna Lyons?

Watch Stylish with Jenna Lyons Free | HBO Max.

Is Jenna Lyons married?

Vincent MazeauJenna Lyons / Spouse (m. 2002–2011)

Why did Jenna Lyons quit?

For her part, Lyons says it was simply time to move on. “I felt spread very thin. [The company] had gotten really big, and I was getting farther and farther away from the things that I like to do most, like designing.” Leaving was “humbling”, she admits, adding that the phone did not ring “for some time”.

Who is Jenna Lyons ex husband?

Vincent MazeauJenna Lyons / Ex-spouse

Who is Eman Fendi?

Eman Fendi is a celebrity fashion stylist whose work can be found on HBO Max shows like Stylish with Jenna Lyons or on celebrities across New York City. A Brooklyn native, she speaks with host Noran Morsi about what the city means to her, what her Egyptian identity contributes, and how she maintains her confidence.

Does Jenna Lyons have a child?

Beckett MazeauJenna Lyons / Children

Does Jenna Lyons have false teeth?

Lyons was born with Bloch-Sulzberger syndrome or incontinentia pigmenti (IP), a genetic disorder that can cause skin scarring, loss of hair and malformed teeth. She has said she wears dentures.

Why does Jenna Lyons have no eyelashes?

Lyons was born with incontinentia pigmenti, a rare genetic disorder that can cause hair loss or skin, eye, or dental abnormalities. The condition has left her with just a few of her own eyelashes, which she says made her hyper-aware of how lashes really impact someone’s face.

Was Jenna Lyons married to a man?

Lyons began dating Crangi, who is the sister and business partner of jeweler Philip Crangi, in 2011, after ending her nine-year marriage to husband, artist Vincent Mazeau.

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