What is involved in an offshore medical?

What is involved in an offshore medical?

An OGUK Offshore Medical includes: Completion of Patient Health History Questionnaire. Urinalysis—routine urine test with immediate result. BMI—measurement of height, weight and calculation of Body Mass Index.

How long does offshore fit to train medical last?

There is no expiry date on a Fit to Train medical certificate, unlike the OGUK medical, however individuals are advised to retake the assessment prior to their next refresher training should there be a change to their medical circumstance. You will either be confirmed as: Fit for in-water PSTASS EBS training.

How much is a OGUK medical?

OGUK Medical Price in London OGUK certificates in London can be £150-220 depending on where you go. In a situation where you are doing all your offshore courses at the same time. You can do both the fit to train and OGUK medical as a package, which can cost £230+ to do them both combined.

What is required for an OGUK medical?

The OGUK safety standard lays down certain requirements which must be met, including: Photographic ID. A comprehensive medical, social and occupational history. Audiometry.

How do you become an offshore medic?

You must successfully complete an Offshore Medic Certificate course and an Offshore Survival Certificate (BOSIET) course, both approved by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Can you work offshore with diabetes?

The first issue surrounding diabetes and working offshore is that you must disclose to your employer and occupational healthcare provider that you have the condition. You cannot take the risk of not admitting that you have diabetes – your health and safety must be your priority.

What is involved in a fit to train medical?

Fit to Train Summary Delegates will need to complete a questionnaire asking about respiratory, ear, nose and throat checks and a lung health assessment which will be assessed in a face to face medical assessment with an Oil & Gas UK Examining Doctor.

How long does OGUK medical last?

two years
How long is the O&G Medical valid for? An offshore medical certificate is usually valid for two years.

How much does an offshore medic earn UK?

A typical starting salary can be £25,000 to £35,000 a year, rising to around £60,000 with experience. Salary includes allowance for working offshore plus a bonus scheme and pension.

Can nurses work offshore?

Offshore Oil Rig Nurse A nurse can find this role in destinations all over the world and could find themselves working patterns such as 2 weeks of 12-hour shifts and then 3 weeks off.

Can you work offshore if you take antidepressants?

If you are taking medications, you will not be allowed to work at an unmanned destination where there is no medic present.

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