What is Gormenghast series?

What is Gormenghast series?

Gormenghast /ˈɡɔːrmənˌɡɑːst/ is a fantasy series by British author Mervyn Peake, about the inhabitants of Castle Gormenghast, a sprawling, decaying, Gothic structure.

Is Titus Groan public domain?

That means his dark fantasy trilogy (Titus Groan, Gormenghast, and Titus Alone) is headed into the public domain this year, while a potential TV adaptation is swirling about, with Neil Gaiman and other notables attached. Gormenghast is violent, creepy, escapist fantasy.

Who played Titus Groan?

Gormenghast is a four-episode television serial based on the first two novels of the Gothic fantasy Gormenghast series by Mervyn Peake. It was produced and broadcast by the BBC….Cast.

Role Actor
Swelter Richard Griffiths
Titus, Earl of Groan (17 years) Andrew N. Robertson
Titus, Earl of Groan (12 years) Cameron Powrie

Who played steerpike?

Jonathan Rhys MeyersSteerpike / Played byJonathan Rhys Meyers is an Irish actor, model and musician. He is known for his roles in the films Michael Collins, Velvet Goldmine, Titus, Bend It Like Beckham, Alexander, Match Point, Mission: Impossible Wikipedia

Is Gormenghast a fantasy?

The series will be based on Peake’s trilogy of fantasy novels: Titus Groan, first published in 1946, Gormenghast and Titus Alone. The author was at work on a fourth installment, Titus Awakes, at the time of his death in 1968. His widow, Maeve Gilmore, completed the book, which was published in 2011.

Where is Gormenghast located?

Whether by accident or design, it happens that Gormenghast is geographically situated in a manner that recalls China: “the wastelands” to the north correspond to the Gobi desert and Mongolia, there is a shallow sea to the east and more sea to the south, while to the west the “knuckles of endless rock” correspond to the …

Who wrote Titus Groan?

Mervyn PeakeTitus Groan / Author

How long is Titus Groan?

Titus Groan

1946 first edition cover
Author Mervyn Peake
Media type Print (hardback & paperback)
Pages 438
OCLC 2951128

Where can I watch Gormenghast?

Watch Gormenghast | Prime Video.

What happens to steerpike?

Steerpike nearly loses his own life in the process, but uses this to his advantage, claiming that the jump into the moat was a desperate attempt to save his master from the fire. The incident, however, leaves Steerpike permanently scarred; his face now red and blotched.

When was Titus Groan written?

Titus Groan

1946 first edition cover
Author Mervyn Peake
Publication date 1946
Media type Print (hardback & paperback)
Pages 438

Who wrote Gormenghast?

Mervyn PeakeGormenghast / Author

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