What is fascinated mean?

What is fascinated mean?

to attract and hold attentively by a unique power, personal charm, unusual nature, or some other special quality; enthrall: a vivacity that fascinated the audience. to arouse the interest or curiosity of; allure.

What is a tranquil life?

free from commotion or tumult; peaceful; quiet; calm: a tranquil country place. free from or unaffected by disturbing emotions; unagitated; serene; placid: a tranquil life.

Is fascinated by?

Both are correct. Fascinated by is the more usual phrase. It means to be fascinated or intrigued by something external to yourself: something you contemplate, hear about or witness.

What is the difference between the words mortified and embarrassed?

“Mortified” is an antonym of “embarrassed”. “Embarrassed” is more intense and has a more negative connotation than “mortified”. “Mortified” is more intense and has a more negative connotation than “embarrassed”. “Mortified” and “embarrassed” have different denotations.

Does tranquil mean calm?

Some common synonyms of tranquil are calm, peaceful, placid, and serene. While all these words mean “quiet and free from disturbance,” tranquil suggests a very deep quietude or composure.

What is an example of tranquility?

Tranquility is defined as a state of peace or calm. An example of tranquility is sitting in a quiet meadow on a beautiful day.

Is Tranquility a mood?

When a place or your state of mind is peaceful, quiet and serene, it is tranquil. Like a pond with no ripples, tranquil means calm and placid. A pleasant state of mind, with nothing to agitate or cause anxiety, can also be considered tranquil.

Is it fascinated by or fascinated with?

1 Answer. With: If the object of the fascination is something that can be held, handled, or manipulated (Rubik’s cube for example), then someone can be fascinated “with” it. I was fascinated with his car. By: If – for example – someone is reading an interesting article, they may be fascinated “by” it.

What is something that fascinates you?

If something fascinates you, it interests and delights you so much that your thoughts tend to concentrate on it. Politics fascinated Franklin’s father.

Is fascinated a feeling?

Fascination is a neurological state of intense focus, one that creates an irresistible feeling of engagement. It’s almost the same as falling in love. When you’re fascinated, you’re in the moment. Emotionally, you experience fascination as a feeling of confidence and clarity.

What fascinates you when you go to a bazaar?

Answer: Many things fascinate me during the bazaar market day; some of the fascinating moments are the joy of the hungry man, the bargaining power of the poor men, the success stories of the vendors, smiling children in the market.

What is meaning of Sweltered?

1 : to suffer, sweat, or be faint from heat. 2 : to become exceedingly hot in summer, the place swelters. transitive verb. 1 : to oppress with heat. 2 archaic : exude sweltered venom— William Shakespeare.

What is equivalent of edible?

succulent, tasty, savory, good, comestible, eatable, fit, digestible, harmless, nourishing, nutritious, palatable, toothsome, wholesome, esculent, nutritive.

What is Baquet?

Baquet is an early car body style, characterised by having two rows of open seats. Baquets usually were without doors, windscreen, or roof. In the United States it was sometimes referred to as a touring car.

What does you fascinate me mean?

What is another word for Zen?

What is another word for Zen?

contemplation introspection
meditation reflection

What is a tranquil person?

Filters. The definition of tranquil is someone or something that is calm and peaceful. An example of tranquil atmosphere is a hammock on the side of the ocean on a quiet day.

What are synonyms for fascinated?

Synonyms & Antonyms of fascinate

  • allure,
  • beguile,
  • bewitch,
  • captivate,
  • charm,
  • enchant,
  • kill,
  • magnetize,

What is the verb of fascination?

fascinate. To evoke an intense interest or attraction in someone. To make someone hold motionless; to spellbind.

What is the adjective of fascination?

uncountable] fascinate is a verb, fascination is a noun, fascinating and fascinated are adjectives:The magician fascinated the children with his tricks.

What is a word for calm and relaxed?

Frequently Asked Questions About calm Some common synonyms of calm are peaceful, placid, serene, and tranquil.

What does yearned mean?

intransitive verb. 1 : to long persistently, wistfully, or sadly yearns to make a difference. 2 : to feel tenderness or compassion.

What does lurk mean?

intransitive verb. 1a : to lie in wait in a place of concealment especially for an evil purpose someone out there lurking in the shadows.

What is precariously?

1a : dependent on chance circumstances, unknown conditions, or uncertain developments …

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