What is course based independent study?

What is course based independent study?

Independent study (California Education Code [EC] sections 51745–51749.6) is provided as an alternative instructional strategy, not an alternative curriculum. Independent study students work independently, according to a written agreement and under the general supervision of a credentialed teacher or teachers.

What is an example of independent study?

Usually, students look to independent study when they have an interest in a special topic that’s not offered at most high schools. Some examples of special topics would be courses like Asian-American history, British Literature, or Chinese language.

How do I run an independent study course?

Develop a timetable for implementation of activities and completion of course requirements.

  1. Write a goal statement/purpose of Independent study. Write a brief description of the background, experience and strengths the student brings to the topic/focus area.
  2. List course learning objectives.
  3. Develop a timetable and plan.

What is the difference between online and independent study?

Online Independent Study students receive 1:1 instruction from a Credentialed Teacher and use an online learning system to complete lessons and turn in assignments. Independent Study students receive a school issued Chromebook, community college opportunities, school and teacher field trips.

Do colleges look at independent study?

Colleges will see that you’re a curious learner with the initiative to pursue knowledge on your own. That’s pretty impressive! Your research project can strengthen several areas of your application. If your school allows you to do your project for credit, it will show up on your transcript.

Is independent study a good idea?

Independent study can be a great option for some pupils; however, it may not be the right option for every pupil who is not thriving in a regular classroom setting. Some pupils might be better served in an educational option that is classroom-based and offers a smaller learning environment and more individualization.

Is an independent study hard?

Taking an independent study can be more difficult than a traditional course because you have to keep yourself on track. While you will have an adviser to supervise the course, you will be the one in charge of making sure you are completing enough work; there will be no teacher to give you assignments every day.

Is independent study an alternative to classroom instruction?

Independent study is an alternative to classroom instruction consistent with a school district’s course of study and is not an alternative curriculum. Independent study is voluntary, many school districts offer this type of education, but some do not.

What is independent study and how does it work?

Independent study is a viable alternative for students who wish to study a topic that is not covered by the current course listings. Motivated students with an interest in a specific subject can consult professors and design their own programs.

What are the requirements for an independent study course?

You may be required to dedicate a certain number of hours each week to your independent study coursework, and meet with your instructor at specified intervals. An independent study course may not be approved if it covers the same subject as an existing course that is offered at your school.

What are the best online courses for independent study?

If you’re interested in pursuing an independent study program, Study.com has an extensive library of college-level courses., and over 200 of these courses offer transferable credits to more than 2,000 colleges and universities. These self-paced courses cover a range of topics, including psychology, English, and biology.

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