What is collaborative arts NYU?

What is collaborative arts NYU?

Collaborative Arts is an innovative new Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where students get hands-on training in a wide variety of artistic disciplines.

What are the collaborative arts?

Collaborative arts practice involves artists and communities working closely together, often over extended periods of time, to make art. It harnesses the experiences and skills of each person taking part to give meaning and creative expression to what’s important in their lives.

Is NYU Tisch prestigious?

New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts has established itself as one of the most prestigious and sought-after schools for students interested in pursuing theater, film, and related careers.

Is NYU and NYU Tisch the same?

No other school exists in the world like Tisch School of the Arts. When the School of the Arts was founded at NYU in 1965, it was heralded as a daring adventure — to be a school unlike any other.

Can you double major at NYU Tisch?

Can I pursue a double major? Tisch students can pursue a second major in the College of Arts and Science. We highly recommend that you wait until your sophomore year to discuss this with an advisor.

How do I apply to NYU animation?


  1. Start your Common Application with the NYU supplement (choose Film & TV as your major)
  2. Start your Creative Portfolio via SlideRoom.
  3. COMPLETE & SUBMIT BOTH by your chosen deadline. The Common App and the Creative Portfolio are always due at the same time, based on the deadline you choose.

Why is collaborative art important?

Collaborative art projects are so important for kids. They build community, foster cooperation, eliminate competition, and most importantly they are social and FUN!

How do you ask an artist to collaborate?

The best bet is to play something that the artist will LOVE or would want to collaborate on. Tell them “Just so happens I have an extra verse on this track I’d love you to lay something down.” Why does this work?

Can you triple major at NYU?

No course may ever be triple-counted among any combination of three majors and/or minors.

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