What is Cisco Nexus switches?

What is Cisco Nexus switches?

The Cisco Nexus Series switches are modular and fixed port network switches designed for the data center. The first chassis in the Nexus 7000 family is a 10-slot chassis with two supervisor engine slots and eight I/O module slots at the front, as well as five crossbar switch fabric modules at the rear.

Why we use Nexus switch in data center?

The Nexus switches have three main advantages that improve the reliability, speed, and flexibility of this switched network: Fabric Extenders, Virtual Port Channel, and Unified Fabric.

What is Cisco Nexus platform?

(Learn how and when to remove this template message) The Cisco Nexus series switches are modular and fixed port network switches designed for the data center. Cisco Systems introduced the Nexus Series of switches on January 28, 2008.

What is difference between Catalyst switch and Nexus switch?

The main difference between the Cisco Catalyst switch and the Cisco Nexus switch is that Cisco Catalyst Switches use IOS as the operating system, whereas Nexus switch uses NX-OS. Catalyst switches support both LACP and PAGP for creating Ether channel, whereas Nexus Switches will only support LACP.

What is the difference between Nexus 7k and 9k?

The Nexus 9000 supports Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) in contrast to the Nexus 7000 switches. However, the Cisco Nexus 9000 switches do not support the VDCs (Virtual Device Context) technology like the Nexus 7000 and the Nexus 9000 Series doesn’t support storage protocols, in contrast to the Nexus 7000.

Does Nexus 7K support ACI?

Though Nexus 7000 series doesn’t participate in ACI, however will function as interconnect devices, linking together multiple ACI setups.

Can you stack Nexus switches?

Nexus switches are positioned as a solution for environments (primarily data centers) where fault tolerance is very important. Therefore, there is no stacking at all on these devices.

What are 2 modes of operation in which Nexus 9000 Series switches can be configured in?

By providing two modes of operation, the Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches are the next generation of data center switching infrastructure. The Nexus 9000 can be used in NXOS mode for traditional 3-tier architectures, Spine-Leaf (CLOS) architectures, or Generation 1 SDN solutions such as OpenFlow.

How many VDC can be configured in Nexus?

The maximum number of VDCs that can be configured per Nexus 7000 chassis is four; the default VDC (VDC 1) and three additional VDC(s).

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