What is chlorhexidine for dogs used for?

What is chlorhexidine for dogs used for?

Chlorhexidine is indicated for dogs and cats with skin infections and dry to normal skin. It appears to have greater efficacy for bacterial infections, particularly Staphylococcus spp, than for yeast or dermatophyte infections. It is usually added in concentrations between 0.5% and 3%.

Is chlorhexidine an antibiotic?

Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic agent. This differs from an antibiotic which targets only specific classes of bacteria. Chlorhexidine would fall into a similar category of antiseptic agents such as bleach. Unlike bleach, chlorhexidine is safe to use on the skin and other bodily surfaces.

Is chlorhexidine safe for daily use?

Hibiclens is an antiseptic skin cleanser that helps reduce bacteria that potentially can cause disease. It is safe for everyday use, so use the product as needed, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

What happens if dog licks chlorhexidine?

However, while chlorhexidine has low systemic toxicity and is usually fine in over-the-counter concentrations, it is hazardous when ingested and is an irritant to skin and eyes. And just think of how many times your pup would be licking the soap off of him.

Will chlorhexidine hurt dogs?

As Preventative Vet points out, using a too-strong solution of chlorhexidine will not only risk irritating your dog’s skin but may also actually kill off the helpful cells that are trying to heal the area.

What is chlorhexidine side effects?

The most common side effects associated with chlorhexidine gluconate oral rinses are: 1) an increase in staining of teeth and other oral surfaces; 2) an increase in calculus formation; and 3) an alteration in taste perception, see WARNINGS and PRECAUTIONS.

Does chlorhexidine treat staph?

HIBICLENS is an OTC antimicrobial skin cleanser that contains 4% chlorhexidine gluconate, which kills bacteria (including staph) on contact and provides long-lasting antimicrobial activity.

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