What is carezza?

What is carezza?

Karezza (pronounced ka-RET-za) is a type of gentle, affectionate sexual intercourse. The word “Karezza” comes from the Italian word “carezza,” meaning “caress.” The goal of Karezza, unlike most kinds of sexual intercourse, is not orgasm but reaching a relaxed state of union with your sexual partner.

How do you do coitus Reservatus?

Coitus reservatus (coitus, “sexual intercourse, union” and reservatus, “reserved, saved”), also known as sexual continence, is a form of sexual intercourse in which the penetrative partner does not attempt to ejaculate within the receptive partner, but instead attempts to remain at the plateau phase of intercourse for …

What Tantra means?

Definition of tantra : one of the later Hindu or Buddhist scriptures dealing especially with techniques and rituals including meditative and sexual practices also : the rituals or practices outlined in the tantra.

What is Vajrayana Buddhism focused on?

Philosophically speaking, Vajrayana embodies ideas of both the Yogachara discipline, which emphasizes the ultimacy of mind, and the Madhyamika philosophy, which undermines any attempt to posit a relativistic principle as the ultimate.

What does Vajrayana mean in Buddhism?

the way of the diamond
Vajrayana Buddhism is a form of Buddhism probably originated from the Mahayana tradition. It is based on a complex philosophical and ritual system meant to provide a path towards enlightenment. Vajrayana is sometimes referred to as Tibetan Buddhism. The term Vajrayana roughly means ”the way of the diamond.

What is black Tantric?

Black Tantra involves the ejaculation of semen, and Grey Tantra sometimes concludes with orgasm or ejaculation, while White Tantra always opposes any loss of sexual energy whatsoever, in other words, without orgasm or ejaculation.

What are the main characteristics of Vajrayana Buddhism?

The main features of Vajrayana are:

  • The use of mantras, a form of chanting.
  • Strong focus on the guru, or teacher.
  • The importance of meditation, including concentration techniques such as the visualization of bodhisattvas.

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