What is C log and S Log?

What is C log and S Log?

S-Log (Sony), Log C (Alexa) and C-log (Canon) are different Log style gamma curves each company uses to try to optimize the data captured by their camera. While the principle is similar, they most likely adjust the curve to suit the limitations of the camera.

What is s Log mean?

slog noun (HARD WORK) [ S ] informal. a period of difficult or tiring effort: This semester was a long hard slog; I’m glad it’s over.

What is s Log footage?

What is S-Log? S-Log is a log curve which has been specially optimised for digital motion picture cameras to maximise the performance of the image sensor. Cinematographers shooting in the current REC. 709 standard have to choose whether to sacrifice detail in the highlights or the shadows.

Should I shoot in s Log?

The wide tone area captured by S-Log makes it especially effective when shooting subjects which tend to experience loss of details in shadows or overblown highlights. Scenes which were impossible to shoot before, such as those with strong sunlight and dark shadows can be captured in far more detail.

What is slog2 and slog3?

S-Log3 allows for better reproduction of gradation characteristics in shadows and the mid-tone range than S-Log2. It has characteristics closer to those of scanned film. S-Log3 is recommended in general. If S-Log3 does not offer sufficient gradation in the mid- to high-luminance range, try S-Log2.

What is Canon C log?

Canon Log helps record images for post-processing that feature a wide dynamic range. Captured 4K and Full HD video files feature suppressed contrast and sharpness and increased dynamic range of up to 800% or 12 stops (at ISO 400 or above).

What is Canon Log?

Is s-log the same as raw?

It’s important to remember that LOG is still a video format. So, unlike shooting RAW, you’ll still be able to see LOG footage on an external monitor without a conversion step. Additionally, because it’s a video format, certain things such as white balance and exposure are going to be baked in.

What picture profile is slog3?

When shooting in S-Log, use Picture Profile presets PP7, PP8, or PP9. The PP7 preset combines S-Gamut and S-Log2, while PP8 is S-Gamut3. cine/S-Log3 and PP9 is S-Gamut3/S-Log3.

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