What is better FOX 36 or RockShox Lyrik?

What is better FOX 36 or RockShox Lyrik?

The RockShox Lyrik is a sublime performer. While it is a little stiffer than the FOX 36, the difference is hard to notice on the trail. However, it’s the easier fork to set up and offers almost identical performance, while dramatically undercutting the FOX on price.

Is Fox shocks better than RockShox?

Key points when comparing Fox and RockShox – Both Fox and RockShox offer a range of suspension forks from lightweight XC race forks to long-travel downhill forks. – Results: RockShox dominates World Cup XC, while Fox is tops in World Cup DH racing.

Which is better RockShox Lyrik or pike?

The difference between the two is night and day although I haven’t used an up to date pike. The Lyrik is more supple, stiffer and more responsive. Arm pump is massively reduced too. If your budget can stretch, go for the Lyrik.

Are Fox 36 forks good?

Conclusion. On the trail, the FOX 36 Factory feels, well, like a FOX 36. It’s a fork at the very top of its game. The GRIP2 damper gives huge control over the rebound and compression circuits with both high- and low-speed adjustment and once dialled in, grip and support are exceptional.

Is RockShox Zeb better than Lyrik?

In the carpark, we wouldn’t say the ZEB feels drastically more supple than the Lyrik. It’s when you’re deep in the travel, with the fork being hammered by successive hits, where it shows its strength. The more robust chassis holds everything in line for longer, allowing the lowers to slide more freely.

Is Zeb better than Lyrik?

It runs significantly lower air pressures compared to the Lyrik, making it more sensitive to exact pressure – one or two psi make a tangible difference to ride height and suppleness, so get an accurate pump for making changes. On hard-hitting terrain, the Zeb feels fluid, calm and composed.

Can you increase Fox 36 travel?

2018 36mm FLOAT forks can be travel adjusted by replacing the air shaft assembly. 36mm FLOAT NA2 forks can be reduced in travel as low as 100mm (831 air shaft). Certain 36mm FLOAT forks may have their tavel extended only if they were built with a damper that can be extended safely to the new longer travel.

Is a Fox fork worth it?

That said, they really are very good forks/dampers. Even the lower models include the proper damping circuits (high and low speed) that will allow the fork to react well to high and low-speed impacts. The basic idea is that fox doesn’t make “cheap” forks, like RS, Marzocchi and others do.

Is RockShox Lyrik good?

It’s a reliable, high performing damper that’s fairly straightforward to set up, and all-round a great option. The Lyrik Select+ is an OE-only option (i.e., only available on complete bikes), which is essentially a Lyrik Ultimate, minus the high-speed compression adjuster.

What’s better Yari or Lyrik?

The Yari is a more affordably priced version of the Lyrik, using the same chassis but less refined dampers across the range to keep the cost down. It comes with 100mm of travel right up to 180mm with 37mm to 51mm fork offset options available.

Are Fox forks worth it?

What’s the difference between the Fox Lyrik and the Fox 36?

The Lyrik has one rebound dial, while the 36 has two, for high- and low-speed rebound adjustment. If this were purely a battle to see which fork had the most adjustments, Fox would take the win.

Are the Fox 36 float rhythm Forks any good?

I know enough (from googling) that the Fox 36 Float Rhythm and RockShox Lyrik Select are the base models of those forks. And they are pretty good. But I notice there are other models that are better.

What do the Fox and Lyrik forks have in common?

Both forks have a three position compression adjuster, with separate low-speed compression adjustment as well. Finally, both allow you to adjust the rate of the air spring via a spacer system, which involves removing the top cap and threading (with the Lyrik) or clipping (with the FOX) spacers into place.

Is the Fox rythym a good choice for me?

The rythym runs it’s own sort of air shafts and purple spacers so keep that in mind, it’s not a case of just swapping between any other 36 fork for parts. The FITGRIP damper in the Fox is excellent and even although my other bikes have grip2 there isn’t a huge leap in advancement between the two.

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