What is attach in LTE?

What is attach in LTE?

LTE attach procedure is the procedure in which the UE registers to the network, and creates the EPS Bearer between the UE and the PGW, in order to be able to send and receive data, to and from the PDN. LTE Attach Procedure. Learn Mobile Packet Core Network in 5 Hours.

What is implicit detach in LTE?

There are two types of Detach, ‘Explicit Detach’, and ‘Implicit Detach’. Online Course: Learn 2G/3G/4G-LTE Mobile Packet Core Network for Beginners. In Explicit Detach, the node explicitly request to make a detach. In Implicit Detach, The SGSN detaches the MS without notifying it.

What are bearers in LTE?

In a mobile network using the Long Term Evolution (LTE) architecture, bearers are the tunnels used to connect the user equipment to Packet Data Networks (PDNs) such as the Internet. In practice, bearers are concatenated tunnels that connect the user equipment to the PDN through the Packet Data Network Gateway (P-GW).

What is attach APN?

LTE Attach APN Configuration for MBIM Modems To establish a default EPS bearer with the network the device must request a PDP context activation during the LTE attach procedure, which requires Access Point Name (APN) specification.

What happens when UE is powered on in LTE?

A UE performs cell search on all frequencies before selecting or re-selecting to a cell. In an LTE system, two types of synchronization signals for cell search: primary synchronization signals (PSS) and secondary synchronization signals (SSS).

How does UE connect to eNodeB?

UE establishes the RRC Connection with the eNodeB. 2. The UE sends the ATTACH REQUEST message together with a PDN CONNECTIVITY REQUEST for the PDN (IP) connectivity on the established RRC Connection. As part of this, the eNodeB establishes the S1 logical connection with the MME for this UE.

What is X2 handover in LTE?

The X2 handover procedure is performed without Evolved Packet Core (EPC) involvement, i.e. preparation messages are directly exchanged between the S-eNB and T-eNB. The release of the resources at the source. side during the handover completion phase is triggered by the T-eNB.

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