What is an RS232 connector?

What is an RS232 connector?

RS232 connector is a port used for data exchange between equipments. It was designed for data exchange between DTE (Data Terminal Equipment) or PC and DCE (Data Communication Equipment) or MODEM. The need for RS232 came from limitations raised by parallel data exchange.

What type of connector would an RS232 cable use?

The original pin layout for RS232 was developed for a 25 pins sub D connector. Since the IBM-AT, 9 pins RS232 connectors are commonly used. In mixed applications, a 9 to 25 pins converter can be used to connect connectors of different sizes.

How many wires are needed for RS232?

The RS-232 Standard Although RS-232 does not specify connector configurations, two have become de facto standards: DB25 (a 25-pin connector, in which usually no more than 10 wires are used), and DB-9 (a 9-pin connector, in which usually all 9 wires are used).

What are the pins of RS232?

RS-232 cables An RS232 null modem pinout links the Tx pin of a male connector with the Rx pin on an RS232 female and the Rx male’s pin to the female’s Tx pin. Using the RS232 protocol you can connect two computers that do not have modems by using a null modem cable.

Which connector is most commonly associated with an RS-232 interface?

RS-232 devices are either DTE or DCE devices. Computer terminals are usually equipped with male connectors with DTE pin functions, while modems have female connectors with DCE pin functions.

Does RS232 need twisted pair?

RS-232 EASY & UNIVERSAL COMMUNICATION INTERFACE RS-232 is simple and low cost and differs from RS-485 only in the fact that it uses hardware switching to physically control the direction of communication and does not require twisted pairs of wires because it does not use a differential signal.

Which ports have 9 pin male connectors?

The 9-pin DE-9 connector has been used by most IBM-compatible PCs since the Serial/Parallel Adapter option for the PC-AT, where the 9-pin connector allowed a serial and parallel port to fit on the same card. This connector has been standardized for RS-232 as TIA-574.

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