What is an optional course UOttawa?

What is an optional course UOttawa?

To meet the requirements of your program of study, you need to take a certain number of elective units, which you can choose from all the disciplines offered by the University. Electives without prerequisites are courses that do not require you to have passed any other university course in order for you to enrol.

What is a full course load at UOttawa?

5.3 Maximum course load per term In direct-entry faculties and at the undergraduate level, students may register for a maximum of 15 units simultaneously during a given term, unless the structure of their program requires a higher number of units.

How many classes do you need to be a full time student at UOttawa?

four courses
Undergraduate students who take 12 units (normally four courses) per term are considered full-time students.

How many courses can you take UOttawa?

Students can take a maximum of 12 units per term (four courses) and the total cannot exceed 30 units.

What is Honours uOttawa?

An honours bachelor’s with double major is an intensive program of study in two disciplines or two main areas of study requiring a minimum of 42 credits per discipline or area of study.

How many 1000 level courses can you take uOttawa?

12.2 Conditions for obtaining an honours bachelor’s degree Students who have already completed the maximum 48 1000-level units can take an additional 1000-level course only if it is a requirement in their program or to meet the admission requirements of a professional or graduate program.

What happens when you are waitlisted for a class Uottawa?

Wait list. When a course is full, you can put yourself on the wait list and be automatically enrolled if a place becomes available for your program of studies and if it fits in your schedule. Please note that you can put yourself on the wait list for a course even if no seats are reserved for your program of studies.

How many 1000 level courses can I take Uottawa?

What is Honours Uottawa?

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