What is an Occlusogram?

What is an Occlusogram?

An occlusogram is a 1:1 reproduction of the occlusal surfaces of plaster models on a sheet of acetate tracing paper. A central groove cut into the backs of both models can be used to orient upper tracing to lower tracing (Fig. 1).

What is a pretreatment for braces?

Step One: Pre-treatment During this time, you’ll receive a teeth cleaning and any other care needed for oral conditions. This includes tooth extractions or periodontal fixes. Next, your doctor will take x-rays of your mouth and teeth and insert spacers if needed.

How does the archwire in braces work?

An archwire puts pressure on your teeth and jawline, and elastic O-rings connect the archwire to the brackets. The archwire is adjusted periodically as your teeth slowly move into the desired place, and the elastic bands are switched out at orthodontist appointments.

Is Elastics the last stage of braces?

Are Elastics the Last Stage of Braces? This can be the last phase, so if you are wondering, “are elastics the last stage of braces,” the answer is “yes” if your braces are there to also help with bite correction.

What are the stages of braces?

There are three general stages of braces and Invisalign treatment: the planning stage, the active stage, and the retention stage. All three phases are super important.

What do different archwires do?

The wires that hold your braces together are called archwires. There are two archwires, one for your top arch (or top teeth) and another for your bottom arch (bottom teeth). These wires move your teeth until they are in their proper places.

Can you eat with elastics?

We recommend wearing your elastics while you eat, but if they get in the way during a meal you may remove them and fit them back after the meal. Take them out to brush and floss. Every morning, discard the previous day’s elastics and replace them with fresh elastics from the packet we have provided to you.

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