What is an intervening party?

What is an intervening party?

The entry into a lawsuit by a third party into an existing civil case who was not named as an original party but has a personal stake in the outcome. The nonparty who intervenes in a case is called an intervenor. The intervener joins the suit by filing a motion to intervene.

What is a petition to intervene?

Definition of petition for intervention : a petition in which a person seeks to be permitted to intervene in a lawsuit involving other parties so that his own rights and interests may be protected by a judgment or decree binding all.

What is the meaning of intervenor?

one who intervenes
Definition of intervenor : one who intervenes especially : one who intervenes as a third party in a legal proceeding.

Is an intervenor a party?

Intervenors as a “matter of right” are those parties who have a statutory right to participate. “Permissive” intervenors are those parties who may be permitted to participate if the proceeding will affect them directly and if intervention is otherwise appropriate under law.

What is an intervener in law?

A third party permitted by a court to make arguments in a case. Interveners are sometimes referred to as “friends of the court” (amicus curiae), or as public interest advocates.

Which is correct intervener or intervenor?

In law, intervention is a procedure to allow a nonparty, called intervenor (also spelled intervener) to join ongoing litigation, either as a matter of right or at the discretion of the court, without the permission of the original litigants.

What is motion for intervention?

It provides: A person may, at any period of a trial upon motion, be permitted by the court to intervene in an action or proceeding, if he has legal interest in the matter in litigation, or in the success of either of the parties, or an interest against both.

What are interveners in law?

What is the role of an intervenor?

Intervenors provide a consistent presence in the person’s life in order to gain their trust, and provide them with a safe base for exploration and learning which promotes social and emotional development and well-being.

What is an intervener in school?

An intervener provides consistent one-to-one support to a student who is deaf-blind (age three through 21) throughout the instructional day.

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