What is an ideal child?

What is an ideal child?

There are many qualities that would describe an ideal child: empathy for others, kind heartedness, discipline, courage to make mistakes, drive, etc. But ideally, what I want from my children is for them to be happy and to feel and show love.

Why do I love my parents quotes?

Love Your Parents Quotes

  • “Honor your parents.”
  • “Next to God, thy parents.”-
  • “Nobody on earth can ever love you more than your parents.”
  • “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my mother.”-
  • “No matter how far we come, our parents are always in us.” –
  • “A parent’s love is whole, no matter how many times divided.”-
  • “Appreciate your parents.

What is a good parent quote?

“Good parents have good hearts to accommodate the little things that mean a lot to their children. Good parents have good hands to touch and shape the little things that mean a lot to the life of their children. Good parents have the good ears to listen and hear the little things that mean a lot their children.

How do you praise someone’s son?

Check out their ideas below, and then share your own!

  1. “I love it when people comment on my son’s manners.
  2. “You’re such a bright young man, [I] can’t wait to see how you will make a difference in this world!” — @
  3. “‘You worked so hard to climb that hill!’
  4. “‘You’re such a sweet boy!’
  5. “You are unique the way you are!

What is the ideal parent like?

Mothers and fathers tend to have good intuition and knowledge of their own children. They often know more than they think they do, and they should not be afraid of making mistakes. Children are resilient and forgiving and usually learn and grow through their mistakes. Parents tend to be just as resilient and forgiving.

What to say to someone who is like a mother to you?

For Someone Who is Like a Mother to You

  • You have been the mother that I need.
  • You give me so much of you just like a natural mother would do.
  • You have played such an important part in my life and because of you, I am the person that I am today.
  • I have the best of all worlds by having you as my sweet and wonderful “second mom”!

How do you praise a good mother?

Here are a few compliments you can give the mothers in your life and brighten someone’s day!

  1. You look fantastic!
  2. They look just like you!
  3. Thank you for making the time!
  4. You’re setting such a great example for your kids(s)!
  5. You are such a great mom!
  6. You’ve given up a lot, and it’s worth it!

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