What is an acceptable back fat for pigs?

What is an acceptable back fat for pigs?

3 if their estimated backfat thickness over the last rib is 1.00 to 1.24 inches. U.S. No. 4. Barrows and gilts in this grade are expected to have an acceptable quality of lean and belly thickness and a low expected yield (less than 54.4 percent) of four lean cuts.

What is P2 in pigs?

There are a number of factors that may contribute to pigs having high backfat (P2) and therefore graded fatter than what is required by the market. Control measures can be put in place to increase carcass quality and manage P2 levels.

What is back fat thickness?

Backfat thickness (BF) is a parameter that it is routinely measured on many sow farms and the monitoring of how it changes throughout the production cycle can be interpreted as an index of the mobilization or recovery of body reserves.

How do you calculate the weight of a pig carcass?

IMPERIAL – Weight of your pig in POUNDS To calculate the pigs weight, first square the Heart Girth to get the Girth Result. Now Multiply the Girth Result by the Length and DIVIDE by 400. You now have the weight of your pig in Pounds.

How do I reduce pig fat?

2. Pigs fed either Lupinus albus or mineral salts will deposit less fat compared to pigs receiving a standard finisher diet. 3. Pigs immunised against GnRF and fed either a diet containing Lupinus albus or mineral salts will have a similar backfat compared to entire males receiving a standard finisher diet.

What is the ideal belly thickness for hogs?

A barrow or gilt must have bellies at least . 6 inches thick. Once you have made the above decision that the hog qualifies for one of the numerical grades (US 1, 2, 3, 4), the most important thing you have to do is get a handle on the amount of fat over the last rib.

Which type of pig has a thick back fat?

Kele pigs
Kele pigs are also noted for their thick back fat (5.1 to 7.2 cm), and for more visceral fat than other, comparatively sized, breeds (15.6% of carcass weight).

Which type of pig has thick back fat?

Where is back fat located?

The best way to find the back fat’s area is to stand with a full-length mirror behind you and a full-length mirror in front of you or hold a second mirror in your hand in front of you. Make sure you stand up tall so the lines of your body are visible. You should be able to identify the area with the back fat.

How can I measure my pigs weight without a scale?

To measure the girth you measure the girth right behind the front legs all the way around. Then measure the length from between the ears to the base of the tail. Math is Girth times the girth times the length and divide by 400 and add 7.

Can pigs get fat eating grass?

Free ranging pigs with availability to pasture will eat some as part of a balanced diet. However, too much grass in the diet can cause issues, as grass is very fibrous and bulky, which means they will eat less of other feeds and will not be getting all the nutrients they require.

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