What is a wood fuel brick?

What is a wood fuel brick?

Compressed wood fire logs and bricks are a form of heating fuel that can be used in any wood burning stove, chiminea or fireplace. Created from pure sawdust obtained as a lumber industry byproduct, the wood fiber is kiln-dried and compressed to burn more cleanly and efficiently then cordwood, leaving very little ash.

How long do compressed wood bricks burn?

As with any wood, burn time depends on how much air the fire is given. In an open fireplace, GrenHeat Bricks will burn for about 2 hours. In a well-stocked, damped-down wood stove (but not stuffed to capacity!) they will burn all night.

What are fuel bricks?

Welcome to Fiber Fuel. Fiber Fuel is a compressed wood brick used to replace or complement standard firewood. It is manufactured exclusively of compressed Eastern White Pine, widely known in the industry as a premium fuel source.

What are firewood bricks?

Ember Fire Wood Bricks are made from 100% compressed wood containing Birch, Alder and softwood. They are clean, easy to burn, easy to use and provide high heat output, perfect for everyday use for any fire source.

Can you burn pressed logs?

Never burn pressure treated, painted, or otherwise treated wood such as particle board or pressed board in your fireplace or wood burning stove. Driftwood from the ocean also contains chemicals that are potentially toxic when burned.

Is kiln-dried firewood better?

Naturally seasoned wood is cheaper, typically by about 10 to 30 percent. But when it comes to burning, it’s no contest. In virtually every use, whether for a campfire or cozy blaze in your living room fireplace, kiln-dried firewood is better than traditional seasoned wood.

How long does a fuel block burn for?

They lit pretty quick, no major smoke, just pure heat! We are very impressed with the Bio Blocks and plan on ordering a pallet as soon as we can afford it (provided pricing stays at $6.99 a package). I have observed that they do burn for around 4 hours.

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