What is a Silvester Party?

What is a Silvester Party?

Silvester is named after Pope Silvester, who was pope of the Catholic Church from 314 – 335. This celebration is held on December 31st in Germany, and it is an exciting occasion. Many people celebrate the occasion with sparkling wine, fortune telling with molten lead and at night there are fireworks.

How does Germany celebrate Silvester?

As in many other countries, the Germans celebrate Silvester with fireworks, champagne, and boisterous social gatherings. Making noise is key: the ruckus of fireworks, firecrackers, drums, whip-cracking and banging kitchen utensils has been driving away evil winter spirits since the days of the Germanic Teutons.

Will there be fireworks in Berlin 2021?

Public fireworks However, as in 2020, the traditional fireworks display will not be held this year. The New Year’s Eve party at Brandenburg Gate will take place in 2021 as a TV-only event without an audience on site. Some small fireworks will be shown on TV as part of the show on stage.

Why is Sylvester called Sylvester?

The name Silvester comes from a 4th century Roman saint: Pope Silvester I (also spelled Sylvester). Besides the fact that he served as pope from 314 to 335, very little is known about Sylvester, though several legends have sprung up around his name.

Why are fireworks illegal in Germany?

With the country in the midst of an aggressive fourth wave and the health minister warning of a “massive fifth wave”, officials imposed a ban on the sale of fireworks to prevent large gatherings in the run-up to January 1.

Will there be new year celebration in Berlin?

31 December 2022 The party of the year in Berlin: The festival at the Brandenburg Gate is one of the world’s largest New Year’s Eve open-air events.

Why do you kiss at midnight?

“If you’re awake at midnight on New Year’s Eve and if you’re with other people, kisses will likely be exchanged.” There is no definite explanation of why the kiss was done, but McCrossen said it most likely was meant to wish good luck going into the next year.

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