What is a Shadow Knight in Aphmau?

What is a Shadow Knight in Aphmau?

The Shadow Knights are a group of students from Phoenix Drop High, which are compromised of upperclassmen students: Gene, Sasha and Zenix. According to Laurance, a former member, thinks they are a bad influence. After Gene’s departure due to heading to college, Zenix took the mantle as the leader of the group.

Is Vlayd adopted Aphmau?

He was adopted by Garte upon discovery that he was biologically connected to his other children.

Who is the shadow lord in Aphmau?

In The Angel Irene, Hyria reveals that when Enki and the others defeated Shad, they shattered his relic and threw him into the Nether, where he became the Shadow Lord.

Who is Zen in Aphmau?

Zenix (pronounced zen-iks) is the secondary antagonist of Minecraft Diaries: The Rise Of Phoenix Drop, briefly mentioned in Minecraft Diaries: War Of The Magi, and is in a rebellion against Shad in Minecraft Diaries: The Realm Protector. He lived in Phoenix Drop and was the guard apprentice of Garroth.

Who is Gene from Aphmau?

Alejandro Saab KamiWasa
Gene (MyStreet)

Counterpart Gene
First Appearance “Weekend Friends!” “Mommy’s Surprise!”
Voice Actor Alejandro Saab KamiWasa (Fill-in)

How many seasons of MyStreet are there?


Seasons 6
Episodes CLIX (main series) XCVI (prequel series) X (side-stories) XXXVIII (mini series) XI (spin-off series)
Production Information
Original Run November 23, 2015–present

How old is Vylad Ro?

Vylad (MyStreet)

Race Human
Gender Male
Age 27

Why does Aaron wear a blindfold?

During periods of emotional instability or especially reclusive periods of time, Aaron wears a red bandana over his eyes to reduce the possibility of humans seeing the eyes of an Ultima.

Is Shad the shadow lord?

Shad became twisted when he discovered their plot, and transformed into the Shadow Lord. To prevent more fighting, Irene locked him away in multiple realms, which he learned to free himself from, until the final battle in the Irene Dimension.

Who is Irene Aphmau?

Priests believe that Lady Irene was a very kind and fair woman. She saved many people and was extremely powerful in terms of Magicks and Witchcraft, even creating a great relic and her own dimension in which a minute there is equal to one year in the normal dimension, the Overworld.

What did Gene do Aphmau?

In “Blackmailed”, his gang is blackmailing Aphmau with Gene’s picture of her and Garroth kissing. He threatened to show it to Laurance, ruining his and Garroth’s friendship. He meets behind the stands of the football field. Gene then nicknames her ‘Kitty’ “she had claws” as he puts it.

How old is Daniel from Aphmau?

Daniel (MyStreet)

Age 27/28
Complexion Fair
Hair Color Green

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