What is a PreBan AR15 magazine?

What is a PreBan AR15 magazine?

AR15 High Capacity Magazines – PreBan These are Original G.I. Issue 30 Round magazines that are pre-ban meaning pre 1994 production! Original G.I. Issue 20 and 30 round magazines, pre-1994 production. Preban AR- 15 mags and PreBan High Capacity 30 round magazines are grandfathered-in legal.

Can you buy pre ban mags in Massachusetts?

Illegal to possess magazines of over 10 rounds capacity. Pre-ban magazines manufactured before September 13, 1994 are exempt from this restriction.

Are pre ban magazines legal in NY?

New York law provides that large capacity ammunition magazines lawfully possessed prior to January 15, 2013, may only be transferred to a purchaser in the state who is authorized to possess them, or otherwise may only be transferred outside of the state.

What is a pre ban Glock magazine?

Glock Junkie sells Glock Pre Ban magazines and old black Glock parts for your Gen 1 and Gen 2 pre ban Glock pistols. These are magazines that were made prior to September 13, 1994. These will range from collector-grade to standard user grade magazines.

Can I mail gun magazines to Massachusetts?

MASSACHUSETTS. We are restricted from shipping magazines with a capacity exceeding 10 rounds to customers with a Massachusetts shipping and/or billing address.

Can you buy 30 round magazines in New York?

A: Since 1994, magazines sold in New York could contain up to 10 rounds. This continues to be true today. You may buy, sell, and possess any magazine that can hold up to 10 rounds, regardless of when it was manufactured.

Can you own an AR 15 in New York State?

New York State The AR-15 and other assault rifle models are not explicitly banned by name, and certain variants of the gun are technically legal under the act. Guns that fall under the SAFE Act’s definition of assault weapons that were purchased before Jan.

Can you buy 30 round magazines in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts’s Magazine Capacity Restriction There is a magazine restriction of 10 rounds in Massachusetts. Magazines that hold more than 10 rounds are grandfathered in, as long as they were owned before 09/13/1994, and the owner has a LTC-A.

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