What is a good sentence for rogue?

What is a good sentence for rogue?

Rogue sentence example. He went rogue and helped Katie evade you in the underworld. The country round was ready ‘ to find the rogue ‘. When the Soviets stopped paying their soldiers, a lot of them went rogue .

What does rogue mean sentence?

Definition of Rogue. a person without principles; a dishonest individual. Examples of Rogue in a sentence. 1. Before Eric turned his life around, he was a rogue who robbed convenience stores.

What rogue means?

1 : a dishonest or worthless person : scoundrel. 2 : a mischievous person : scamp. 3 : vagrant, tramp. 4 : a horse inclined to shirk or misbehave. 5 : an individual exhibiting a chance and usually inferior biological variation.

What is an example of rogue?

A rogue is defined as a scoundrel or a playful trouble-maker. A playboy who treats women badly is an example of a rogue. An actor who frequently is in the news for bad-boy behavior is an example of a rogue. A scoundrel, rascal or unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person.

What is the opposite word of rogue?

What is the opposite of rogue?

aboveboard honest
lawful true
sincere valid
veracious faithful
authentic above board

What is the meaning of rogue male?

rogue male in British English (rəʊɡ meɪl ) noun. literary. a conventionally masculine man who is a cold-hearted loner.

How do you become a rouge?

If you would like to manually go Rogue, you will have to press or hold the corresponding button or key: – Xbox One: Holding down the Menu button. – PC: By default, the key to press is T. If you would to remap this key, please have a look at this article.

Which word is opposite of rogue?

Antonyms for rogue straight, upright, scrupulous, just, forthright, honorable, decent, straightforward, aboveboard, conscientious, ethical, honest.

Whats another name for a rogue?

OTHER WORDS FOR rogue 1 villain, trickster, swindler, cheat, mountebank, quack.

What is the synonym of rogues?

(or scallywag), scapegrace, scoundrel, varlet, villain.

What is the meaning of Rogue?

English Language Learners Definition of rogue (Entry 2 of 2) —used to describe something or someone that is different from others in usually a dangerous or harmful way See the full definition for rogue in the English Language Learners Dictionary

What is the opposite of Rogue?

guileful, shady, sharp, shifty, underhand, underhanded. Near Antonyms for rogue. conscientious, decent,

What is an example of Rogue text?

In a small corpus, a single ‘rogue’ text has the potential to skew the data, for example by spuriously inflating the importance of certain lexical items. These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web.

What is a rogue personality type?

A rogue is a sneaky person who has tricks up his sleeve, not like a magician, but like someone who would steal your wallet or cheat at cards. Dishonesty won’t get you far in life, unless you are a rogue who survives by lying and exploiting others.

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