What is a float switch used for?

What is a float switch used for?

What is a float switch? A float switch detects the level of a liquid in a tank. Based on the water level, it will open or close an electrical circuit generally used to pump water in or out of the tank.

What causes float switch failure?

When it comes to the failure of this type of float switch, it generally comes down to certain common causes. These causes include the incorrect configuration of the switch, poor maintenance, using a float switch that is not designed for the purpose or using a float switch that is not properly rated for the application.

How much is float switch in Kenya?

KSh 1,500
KSh 1,500. Paddle type float switch with weight and 3m PVC cable. The switch is suitable for both high level and low level control according to the wiring connections.

Do I need a float switch?

No matter where your HVAC unit is located, it’s important to install a float switch or, if appropriate for your unit, a condensate pump. An overflow on the top level of your home could cause significant damage to the floors below and result in microbial growth, mold and hazardous living conditions.

How does a float switch work on a submersible pump?

A float switch has a floating element that lowers and raises with the water level in the sump basin. When the level exceeds a preset height, the switch makes an electrical circuit and the pump starts. The switch mechanism comprises a floating hollow body with a steel ball inside.

How much does it cost to install a float switch?

What is the cost of a float switch? Float switches are inexpensive to add to your HVAC system. The part itself typically costs less than $50, and your HVAC professional should be able to install it in under a half hour. Your HVAC professional can also determine whether your unit could benefit from a condensate pump.

Can you reverse a float switch?

To change them to a normally open state (so that the wires will break a circuit when the float is at rest and complete it when the float rises), simply remove the retaining clip, remove the float, flip it upside down and replace the float and retaining clip.

How do you fix a float switch?

Unscrew the float switch where it connects to the cap. Save the screws just in case your replacement float switch doesn’t come with any. Place the new float switch in the same position as the old float switch. Screw it back into place.

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