What is a fancy word for explode?

What is a fancy word for explode?

In this page you can discover 89 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for explode, like: detonate, shatter, fly into pieces, blow up, backfire, pop, break out, blast, erupt, detonation and fly apart.

What do you call pieces of an explosion?

shrapnel. noun. small pieces of metal that fly out of a bomb or bullet when it explodes.

What is the adjective for explode?

explosive. / (ɪkˈspləʊsɪv) / adjective. of, involving, or characterized by an explosion or explosions. capable of exploding or tending to explode.

Is exploded a metaphor?

Anything and anyone can explode — that is, produce a violent, sudden and usually very loud release of energy. Explode’s two most common meanings refer to a physically destructive act, most commonly a bomb going off, or metaphorically, as in your parents’ sudden fury when they see your end-of-year grades.

What is the synonym and antonym of explode?

break loose, burst forth, blow up, leap out, effloresce, escape, set off, explode, rush out, detonate, get away, irrupt, sally out, burst. Antonyms: go off, implode.

What is the verb of explosion?

verb. ex·​plode | \ ik-ˈsplōd \ exploded; exploding.

What is an antonym for explosion?

Antonyms. praise elegance deflation disinflation contraction continue. outburst blowup effusion gush.

What is the suffix for explode?

Adding ‘sion’ or ‘ssion’ to a verb or adjective makes a noun: ‘explode’ (verb), ‘explosion’ (noun). The suffix ‘sion’ or ‘ssion’ sounds like ‘shun’.

What is the suffix of explosion?

Adding ‘sion’ or ‘ssion’ to a verb or adjective makes a noun: ‘explode’ (verb), ‘explosion’ (noun). • The suffix ‘sion’ or ‘ssion’ sounds like ‘shun’.

What is short explosion?

Definition of explosion 1 : the act or an instance of exploding injured in a laboratory explosion. 2 : a large-scale, rapid, or spectacular expansion or bursting out or forth the explosion of suburbia an explosion of red hair. 3 : the release of occluded breath that occurs in one kind of articulation of stop consonants.

What word rhymes with explode?

Word Rhyme rating Categories
toad 100 Noun
unload 100 Verb
erode 100 Verb
decode 100 Verb

What do you call a person who uses explosives?

Also called: Blast Hole Driller, Blaster, Explosive Technician, Powderman.

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