What is a cheval mirror?

What is a cheval mirror?

A cheval mirror is made up of a full length mirror that is attached to a base for support. The mirror’s frame attaches to the base by its two vertical bars (one on each side) using screws that can swivel. The base is supported by four individual feet.

Why choose Anitta traditional oval wood cheval mirror?

This Anitta Traditional Oval Wood Cheval Mirror is perfect to add some elegance and beauty to your home. The mirror swings between two decorative posts and is easily adjustable for the position desired. This beautiful mirror is a must-have in every home.

What makes this full length mirror so eye-catching?

This full-length mirror is an eye-catching addition to any decor. The shattered-free glass is manufactured using environmentally friendly, copper-free backing paint which prevents edge corrosion that happens over time with standard mirrors.

How much does the Lark manor™ Begley mirror weigh?

Crafted in solid cherry hardwood with American black walnut accents, the collection features a variety of cases and a low footboard bed designed for use with a mattress only. Overall Product Weight: 50lb. The Lark Manor™ Begley Mirror is the perfect solution for dressing and grooming.

Can You refinish a cheval mirror?

Today you will learn how to refinish a cheval mirror. Just in case you don’t know specifically what a cheval mirror is, it’s a full sized mirror held between two posts that sometimes have a bar on the top as a connector. This type of mirror is very classic and a staple in vintage decor, making it a great addition to your bedroom.

How do you sand a cheval mirror frame?

By covering the glass on your cheval mirror, you’re also preventing it from getting scratched when the time comes for sanding the edges of the frame. Start sanding the cheval mirror with the sandpaper by applying a little pressure to the frame. Make sure to sand all edges until the previous finish is entirely removed.

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