What is a 4 Way Sillcock key used for?

What is a 4 Way Sillcock key used for?

The 4 Way Sillcock key is a handy item for any Get-Home or Bug-Out bag! It is used to open tamper resistant hose bibs which are usually located on the exterior of commercial and industrial buildings, as well as rest stops. In an emergency situation it would allow you to obtain water from one of these locations.

What size is a water spigot key?

Size:1/4, 9/32, 5/16, 11/32 In.

What is the difference between a Sillcock and a spigot?

Hose bibs disguise themselves under various names depending on who you ask – sometimes a sill cock, sometimes an outdoor water faucet or even a spigot – but they all refer to the same water mechanism attached to the outside of your home. Your hose bib connects directly to the plumbing system in your home.

What is quarter turn Sillcock?

The NIBCO® angle sillcock is a multi-purpose external shutoff valve for use in low-pressure water systems. The brass sillcock features a zinc quarter-turn handle. The NIBCO® angle sillcock is a multi-purpose external shutoff valve for use in low-pressure water systems.

What is a Sillcock key?

Sillcock keys are four-way cross keys with an overall dimension of 3″ square, and a little over 5/8″ thick. The Sillcock Key shown is made from an extremely tough heat-treated steel alloy so it weighs 5.5 ounces.

What does a Sillcock key open?

Widely used by plumbers, contractors, and engineers, it’s a simple device used to open tamper-resistant sillcocks and hose bibs. You’ll find these outdoor water faucets on almost every residential, commercial, and industrial building.

How does a Sillcock valve work?

AKA “Sillcock”. It works by shutting off the water inside your home and allowing the water to run out of the actual faucet so that there is nothing to freeze. Years ago before these things were invented, we would just shut the water off inside the home which supplied that faucet under the house, and drain the line.

How do you replace a Sillcock valve?

Sillcock Repair Tip:

  1. Remove sillcock handle, and loosen retaining nut with channel-type pliers. Remove stem. Replace O-ring found on retaining nut or stem.
  2. Remove the brass stem screw at the end of the stem, and replace the washer. Reassemble the sillcock.

Are quarter turn valves better?

Yes, ball valves or quarter turn valves tend to be more reliable than globe valves. Globe valves require a washer and a tight friction fit between the seat and washer, and if either of these wear out (which they do over time), leaks start. Ball valves are much simpler in construction.

What is a valve key?

noun A form of socket-wrench having a T-head, or other shape resembling the winding-key of a clock, which fits the squared or prismatic shape on the end of a valve spindle. It is designed for use where the valve should not be opened or shut except by one duly authorized and possessing such a key or wrench.

Are all Sillcock keys the same?

Not all sillcocks are the same so, even the most basic sillcock key generally has four different attachments, each of which is a slightly different size or shape.

What is the cap on top of an outdoor faucet?

The vacuum cap is circular and about an inch in diameter, and it either slips or screws onto the top of the faucet. The device underneath it is known as a vacuum breaker or an anti-siphon valve.

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