What instruments are used in the ET Flying Theme?

What instruments are used in the ET Flying Theme?

Score and Parts

Instrumentation Number of Parts Pages Per Part
HARP 1 4
VIOLIN 1 8 2
VIOLIN 2 8 2

Who composed ET soundtrack?

John WilliamsE.T. The Extra-Terrestrial / Music composed byJohn Towner Williams is an American composer, conductor and pianist. In a career that has spanned seven decades, he has composed some of the most popular, recognizable and critically acclaimed film scores in cinematic history. Wikipedia

Is the ET theme song in major or minor?

The theme starts in C and you can hear C in both the bass and the french horns. It sounds happy, a good sign we are dealing with a major chord, and sure enough, throughout the first two measures we are on the the first chord in the key of C Major.

What key is the ET theme in?

ET The Extra-Terrestrial — Main Theme has sections analyzed in the following keys: C Major, and E♭ Major.

Did John Williams Do ET?

Wrote scores to highest-grossing films of all-time, including Jaws, the Star Wars series, Superman, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, the Indiana Jones series, Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List, and the first three Harry Potter films.

What are the themes in ET?

E.T. Themes

  • Appearances. Let’s be real: E.T. isn’t exactly a looker—at least not according to Earth’s standards of adorableness.
  • Youth. The Sharks and the Jets.
  • Language & Communication. Communication and understanding go together like Gertie’s cowgirl costume and Halloween.
  • Alienation.
  • Friendship.

Where was ET filmed?

The shoot began with two days at Culver City High School, and the crew spent the next 11 days moving between locations at Northridge and Tujunga. The next 42 days were spent at Laird International Studios in Culver City for the interiors of Elliott’s home.

How did ET learn to talk?

E.T. employs nonverbal communication cues, like his supersized, glowing finger. Gertie teaches E.T. how to speak English (with an assist from children’s educational television).

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