What happens in season 3 of Empire?

What happens in season 3 of Empire?

Season 3 provided many twists and turns for the Lyon family, including new people entering the fold and others tragically exiting (dying at the hands of Lucious’ mom, for instance). In the season premiere, Andre’s wife, Rhonda, died — and she didn’t even get a funeral.

Who dies in season 3 of Empire?

Spoiler Alert It’s the Season 3 finale of Empire and we’re already starting off with a dead body from last week’s episode. Leah (Leslie Uggams) shot and killed Tariq (Morocco Omari) right as he was about to tell Lucious (Terrence Howard) that the Dubois family had Bella.

Why was Empire Cancelled?

In separate statements, Empire creators/executive producers Lee Daniels and Danny Strong addressed the abrupt ending of their show due to the coronavirus pandemic while holding out hope that they could film a proper finale one day.

Did Empire end on a cliffhanger?

According to USA Today, this moment was due to be the cliffhanger at the end of Episode 18. After this shooting, Lucious tries to cancel the premiere of Hakeem’s movie over safety fears, but the Lyons won’t let him. This causes Lucious to act first and break into Damon’s home.

Does Lucious find out Andre hacked Empire?

Not even the computer experts Lucious hired could figure out who was behind the hack. They did, however, lead to a clue: a USB found in one of the recording studios; the hack was definitely coming from inside the office. In the last scene, it was confirmed one of Empire’s own: Andre.

Why is Lucious with Giuliana?

For the most part, the season three ender brought happy news to the Lyon family. Lucious (Terrence Howard) showed Giuliana (Nia Long) the door and revealed to Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) that he had been in love with her all along. Not only that, but he wanted to leave the business behind and travel the world with her.

Why was Rhonda killed off Empire?

“It was a really, really tough decision because it wasn’t as if we had an agenda last season. We love the character and we love the actress and we didn’t want to lose her from the show. It was really the story that led to the decision, Chaiken explains.

How does Empire end?

The series finale ends with Cookie, Lucious and their boys all at the Empire movie premiere, with Hakeem performing and Andre having chosen to stay with his family and try to be with his infant son.

Is Empire Cancelled for good?

Fox announced late Tuesday in an on-air promo that the show’s 20-episode sixth and final season will conclude on April 21, with Episode 18 now serving as the show’s swan song. As we previously reported, work on Empire ground to a halt last month while the show was in production on Episode 19.

How was Empire originally supposed to end?

Here’s what he told TVLine: Episode 18 [originally was supposed to] end with the death of Yana, which would’ve given [viewers] a week to [recover]. It would have felt less abrupt than her getting shot and then we [immediately] come back after a commercial break and we’re mourning her death.

Who leaked empires emails?

News Corp, the news publishing empire owned by Rupert Murdoch, was the target of a cyberattack that hacked the email accounts of journalists and others at the company, in a breach that a digital security firm said was meant to help China. The hack was disclosed in a securities filing on Friday.

When does ‘Empire’ Season 3 premiere?

The Third Season of Empire premiered on September 21st, 2016 on FOX. The season aired at 9pm (ET) every Wednesday.

Is Empire Season 3 worth watching after error code 2121?

Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. Even if Empire ‘s third season no longer feels fresh, it’s still worth tuning in to see Taraji P. Henson in action. The percentage of users who rated this 3.5 stars or higher.

What happened to Hakeem and Lucious in Season 3 of Empire?

Season 3 picks up with Hakeem left at the altar, Lucious and Anika newly married, and someone falling off a roof during a fight. In other storylines, Lucious wants to make his streaming service a huge success, but his half-brother Tariq becomes a distraction as he leads a federal task force investigating him.

What is the point of Empire X-Stream?

Lucious uses Empire’s new music-streaming service, Empire-X-Stream to pursue his music legacy and clashes with Tariq, who leads a federal task force to investigate him. Cookie is willing to focus on anything besides Lucious.

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